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Awesome! Thanks for the generosity. I simply love the varieties and flexibility in usage of resources here.
nice website for us teachers..
I had a difficult time finding worksheets that would accommodate my Autism students needs. Since I was a beginner at this. I found SEN Teacher very helpful and lessened my anxiety. Thanks so much. My gray hairs have lessened.
Wayne Jones
I needed a quick and easy option for my kids at a sports programme over here in China. You guys provided it. No fuss. In a world that seems to be overly complicated you fellas have made something very simple very accessable and in the process made a hundreds of kids very happy. I will be donating.
i am a parent, my son has asd. great printables to help with learning at home.
i am a student and i have used this website for homework
Thank you! Access to these resources really helps me with planning fun and engaging tasks for all students! Cheers.
Thank you very much for your generosity. A big help to me and to others especially for the children for their school activities.Thank you so much!!!really appreciate your site...keep up the good work...
Deb Sayers
Absolutely brilliant - thankyou for your generosity with these lovely materials. Many children will benefit.
Great Site! Thank you
It would be great if you could add Canadian money to your money pages.
Fab website I use it all the time and recommend it to everyone in schools
Ken Ritchie
Have retired from college and prison teaching. Am now writing basic literacy and basic numeracy teaching materials. Came across your site while reviewing available resources. Wish I'd found it years ago! Very interesting. There is so much need for basic education materials out there, and not just for special needs children. I look forward to looking at your materials, and am confident that I will get lots of inspiration from your site.
really good site
Dave Thompson
Just fond your word search generator - it is brilliant. Love the way you can rearrange the grid so easily.
Mari Warren
I felt I stroke gold when I found your awesome website this morning! Many websites charge money but it is really considerate of you create free resources for special needs education. I teach numeracy to adults and your place value cards are my first download. Thanks
WOuld you be able to correct the error with the Literacy dominoes asap: (see comment 16th Feb)I see words 7&2 still pair with each other so the game does not complete. Thank you.
Thanks! not forgotten it's on the list - just a long list!
This site is amazing for teaching resources!!!! So good! Thank you so much
Sue Kitchen
Love the site, especially the missing links worksheet
This site is amazing. A child in my class is severely autistic and the money worksheets have helped him recognise the coins and have given him a sense of confidence. Many thanks.
Kristine Key
I made all my end of the school awards using this site. It is wonderful!!
I just found your website today. I was looking for maths games for Low Ability class. I loved the worksheets and have now shared your site with lots of colleagues! Thanks
I luv the AAC Photo Cards printables but it would be nice if you could copy and paste as I don't have a printer and would like to send them to a print shop. Amazing site though...Thanks Education Assistant (but these would be for my dad who just had a stroke)
Mark Crowther
Great site! Came here looking for 3D shape models for my son. He has no special education needs but your material is great. I didn't know the name of many of the shapes so we're all learning :)
I work with people with learning disabilities, and these worksheets have been great for enhancing his literacy and numeracy skills!
My students love the wordsearches I create for them. I love the way I can make them relevant to what they are learning. Well done
awesome website!!
Fiona Wylie
just started back in Special Education after a short break! Wow what a great site!!
Thank you for sharing I really like
Stephen Stukas
This site is terrific.

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