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Great website with some fantastic resources! I will definately tell my collegues to come look too! Thanks for the worksheets and ideas
Many thanks for such useful resourses that can be used time and time have saved me so much time
Thank you so much for the printables on this site - my job is so much easier now I can download resources such as you have created here.
Patricia Squire
Just found this site and its wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing it, I use it lots and the kids benefit immensly.
Great site just what i was looking for and so easy to use
Thank you for this valuable resource!
Thank you for the large print maths worksheets. So little available for the partially sighted student
Fantastic site. Thank you so much
Patti C
The cost of games for kids with special needs is crazy...I hope this site proves itself to be a great resource for myself and my son's teachers.
Thank you for really good resources. I really appreciate it.
I had this websight a few years ago and lost it when I moved schools and changed computers. I need it now even more. Hooray.
One of the most user friendly websites I have ever come across! Levels in my class range from L3 to L6 and yet I use resources from this site all the time. Fantastic, and much appreciated, thank you.
You have just saved me at least an hour of work yet again. I'm a student teacher working in a special needs school. Thank you so much to keep up the great work.
this site is cool beans!
I just found this site in search of 3D nets. This is exactly what I was looking for outside of having to make them myself!! Thank you so very much!! Keep this site going please, we need sites like this sharing for free!!
Best site for learners with SEN I have found.
Really lovely site. Well done!
I luv this site
Thank you so much for this website. I use it constantly. Another really good additional would be to allow the onset and time to have a feature where you decide whether you would like it centred to the left of right. This way you could have 4 endings like ass ess iss oss uss and the rest of the sheet could be the onset. I use this programme so much it's brilliant but I also cut the dominoes down the middle to make onset and time cards rather than a game. Such a great feature!
This is one of those gifts in life that causes one to just sit back, take a breath and be thankful for all that is good, shared and meant to be passed along for the greater good of mankind.
thank you so much you well and truly saved my lesson plan today
Lots of GREAT stuff here! I had not heard of this site until the other day when I found a printout of the 3D cylinder that someone had left behind at the copier. (I find the best stuff at the copier!!) We will definitely be using this site!
Brilliant! very useful
Thank you! What a good website. I will use this page in my job, I work in school. I am from Sweden and I would appreciate if I could use the letters å, ä, ö in all your program. Thank in advance.
I love money games its really cool .
What a great site. Thank you! I've just created such great looking certificates and it was so straight forward and worked flawlessly. Brilliant, Thanks again:)
Ian Kay Ph.D
An exceptionally useful site for educational resources. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Thank you!
You have saved me endless hours, great thanks! It's taken me one step closer to restoring my WORK WORK WORK life balance!
Love your site and have used it many times, especially the photo cards and the flashcard maker. Love that one can save the flashcard sets; I wish I could do the same with the photo cards so I could print another set in the future without having to recreate them. I work with deaf and hard of hearing children in Virginia, USA.
Thanks for the printable certificates. Needed just that this Sunday for some great teenagers! Blessings!

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