Accessibility Information


SEN Teacher endeavours to meet WAI's WCAG 2.1, Level AA conformance.

 Technology Baseline

SEN Teacher requires javascript and a modern web browser.

 Screen Reader Support

Screenreader usability testing is carried out mostly using NVDA 2018 and Mozilla Firefox though we also test less exhaustively with both VoiceOver versions and ChromeVox.

Interactive pages such as the print tools require WAI-ARIA support and make use of Live Regions.

Due to a high volume of spam we protect most contact forms with Re-Captcha which now provides a high level of accessibility. If you do find yourself scuppered by this, you can contact us directly on accessibility related matters by email using: accessibility, at, SEN, teacher, (all one word), dot, org.

 Tactile Printing

Swell optimised Braille and Moon fonts are available on many of the worksheet and manipulative makers which offer a choice of typeface.

All of the print tools allow download of PDF at the preview stage for offline formatting and the previews themselves are large format jpg images which are downloadable using context menu (right-click).