Mathematics Printables

Print Tool: 3D Model Nets

3D Model Nets

Print nets to create a range of 3D shapes

Print Tool: Clock Bingo

Clock Bingo

Generate random bingo & lotto games with clock faces

Print Tool: Telling Time

Telling Time

Print clocks with varied styles and intervals

Print Tool: Large Print Maths 1

Large Print Maths 1

Generate large print add/sub problems at various levels

Print Tool: Coin Totals

Coin Totals

Customise random visual coin addition problems

Print Tool: Clocks Pairs

Clocks Pairs

Custom clock face matching pair cards

Print Tool: Draw Time

Draw Time

Draw the time on blank customisable clock faces

Print Tool: Hundred Squares

Hundred Squares

Create 100 squares with custom styles and numbers

Print Tool: Number Cards

Number Cards

Create sequencing cards with various styles and sizes

Print Tool: 1st Step Maths

1st Step Maths

Add, total and subtract tokens within 10 with tracing cues

Print Tool: Follow Me Problems

Follow Me Problems

Create Follow Me card games with arithmetic problems

Print Tool: Maze Maker

Maze Maker

Random perfect mazes with various colour and complexities

Print Tool: Shopping Maths

Shopping Maths

Calculate change in random shopping transactions

Print Tool: Multiplication Squares

Multiplication Squares

Multiplication squares user defined axes, fonts and colours

Print Tool: Texture Nets

Texture Nets

Add textures and photos to nets for 3D shapes

Print Tool: Missing Links

Missing Links

Create short sequences with gaps

Print Tool: Number Bingo

Number Bingo

Bingo games with number and arithmetic problems

Print Tool: Place Value Cards

Place Value Cards

Customisable set of place value partitioning cards

Print Tool: Dice Maker

Dice Maker

Create dice nets with your own numbering, words and letters

Print Tool: 2nd Step Maths

2nd Step Maths

Total,add and subtract between 10 and 20 with tokens and cues

Print Tool: Squared Papers

Squared Papers

Create and print a wide range of squared and tiled paper

Print Tool: Clocks - Large Poster

Clocks - Large Poster

Print full page clocks with custom styles, times and labels

Print Tool: Coin Dominoes

Coin Dominoes

Playable coin dominoes of several currencies

Print Tool: Maths Spinners

Maths Spinners

Create and customise spinners for maths activities.

Print Tool: Fraction Blocks

Fraction Blocks

Generate random simple fraction shading worksheets

Print Tool: Game Cards

Game Cards

Number, token and shape cards for games and other activities.

Print Tool: Coin Card Pairs

Coin Card Pairs

Paired coin cards for matching games

Print Tool: 2D Shape Sheets

2D Shape Sheets

Simple shape and class identification sheets

Print Tool: Coin Mash

Coin Mash

Scan for and identify coins in a customisable mash-up

Print Tool: Magic Square Maker

Magic Square Maker

Generate partially completed magic squares

Print Tool: Number Fans

Number Fans

Create customised number fans

Print Tool: Coins Spinner

Coins Spinner

Game spinner with coins from US, UK, EU, Canada and Oz

Print Tool: Clocks - Arithmetic

Clocks - Arithmetic

Random time arithmetic sheets with clock faces

Print Tool: Large Print Maths 2

Large Print Maths 2

Generate arithmetic problems with one fixed value

Print Tool: Follow Me Numbers

Follow Me Numbers

Create Follow Me games with numbers written as words