Privacy and Safeguarding Policy


SEN Teacher serves cookies to manage sessions and provide a secure web connection. Sessions are expired when you leave the site and SEN Teacher's own cookies are not used to track individuals or store personal information which might identify you.

No login is needed to access content on SEN Teacher, but you can optionally create an account to save word lists and frequently used personal clipart and images.

Your account email is used solely to confirm your account and for password resets when you request them. We don't send out any unsolicited mail or share your email addresses with other sites and/or companies.

Google Services

SEN Teacher uses Google Analytics to provide us with anonymised usage statistics, Google Translate for multi-language support, Google ReCaptcha to prevent spam and Google Ads to show adverts. Specialist search tools make use of Google Search API. Google uses cookies to personalise these services across many websites but does not share your personal data with SEN Teacher.

Please use the Google Privacy Centre for more information or to change your internet-wide privacy and advertising preferences at Google.


Google's content filters are used ensure inappropriate adverts do not appear on SEN Teacher and Google Search APIs enforce Google's 'Strict Safe Search' filtering.

SEN Teacher does not knowingly link to or distribute adware, spyware or other software which might compromise the security of users. The website is continually scanned for malicious software by several applications including VirusTotal .