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I love this website. It is very user friendly and I especially love the wordsearch maker... and the fact that the grid can be refreshed to put the words in different locations so the children cannot copy each other! There are so many useful games on it too... Super!
Excellent website. Very useful and easy to use.
Wow!! I love your site. As the saying goes "where have you been all my life". This site has so much on it that my head is spinning with ideas. Thank you so much. I can't wait to tell the other teachers.
Kathy Bolton
An absolutely fantastic resource. I have found it very useful to get fresh ideas to teach. Thanks a bunch
Great resource! I use 2-D & 3-D shapes to illustrate science-based activities but the math & language arts components nicely complement the lessons. Thanks!
A fantastic resource; the printables are so useful. Just one problem; the Literacy dominoes, words 7 & 2 aren't in the sequence, any ideas how to overcome this.

Needs a fix - will address shortly. Thanks for letting me know.
Love this site i run a day centre for special needs this site is full of helpful ideas
Nellie Bishop
I am a special education teacher and this is a wonderful site! It has been very difficult to find enough resources. Thank You, Nelliegaile Bishop
brilliant website i use it for all the sen pupils i work with. thankyou AL
Great website!
Cindy Lovelace
I LOVE your website. Finally, a place to get real help for special ed teachers.
From UTAH in the USA :->
GREAT WEBSITE, I love that so many things are in one location! I LOVE, LOVE<,LOVE! the flash card generator and the wonderful lists that are already available! It's wonderful to not have to "reinvent the wheel!"
If you type in hall as a key word and ask for a picture in the AAC photo cards, whilst it rotates through pictures of large halls it then gives you a picture of a naked lady sitting on a mans lap.

Thanks I've reset the query.
This is so helpful!! I luv it!!!!
this is a very good website for kids so they can do school at home!!!!! My child likes this website because she wants to go to school but she is too ungh so we print some of these out she dose them and she fells like she is in school!!!! so print some off now!!!!!!
What a great website. Thank you for sharing this wonderful resource! I will share this with my colleagues!
Thank you so much for such a fantastic web site.God Bless.
fantastic word search, no worries about downloading and great to adapt. Thank you
Dan Tippetts
Thank you so much! The polyhedron nets were super useful!
thank you for this resource :)
Tess Quinn
I work in FE with adult students who have specific learning difficulties (dyslexia etc). Thank you so much for this site which I have only found today - excellent resources.
I am just a brother trying to help my younger brother with his education, and all of the resources help me with it. My rating: 5/5!
Could you possibly add a larger size? My son has sight issues as well. Maybe something that is closer to a 3x5?

Drop me a line and tell me which printable.....
Thank you for such excellent resources. Very much appreciated.
Mia welland
Fantastic website.Thank you so much.
Thank you so much for all of the fantastic resources on this site!
Angie Milton Keynes
A fantastic website which has helped me no end find resources that are appropriate easy to access and understood by the child that I work with. thank you.
What a fantastic website for resources, I will recommend this to my colleagues
Love the flash card maker change and your other printables. Great free resource for all teachers. Thanks .
Arun Pai (Scholastic -Aeced)
Just one word (Stupendablyfantabulous for children) wish there is more to it?

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