Thanks for the site; I was able to get great ideas for future certificates.


fantastic site.Very impressed.


A fantastic site, thank you.


This site is magical. I have been using it for two years now and the effect is enormous


What a fab site. I work with adults with a learning disability for whom many of your resources would be appropriate. The quality of resources is excellent. Thank you!


simply brilliant. custom made sheets! just what i was looking for


Thank you for the wonderful resources found on this site. I have used several of them for my maths class. Brilliantly received.


Great resource, so useful!


Just tried to download facegames and I got a trojan virus, could you check it out as I would really like to download this game.

Hi, this is a false positive - seems to happen periodically with AVG and ClamAV, try again once new anti-virus updates have been released and you should be able to download. Some files may also trigger a warning in Internet Explorer because they are not commonly downloaded applications.


Thanks for a wonderful site!! Pleas,please,please can you put the old wordsearch maker back on the website as the words tend to be very close together on the new version (at the top of the page) But I really like being able to customise the shape of the wordsearch. Well done for your invaluable work for SEN.


Your service is invaluable. Wishing you all the success in promoting and enhancing this website.


Have used your website loads to print off English & Maths worksheets for SEN pupil i work with and they love them. Love how you can create a worksheet depending on ability of child.


Fantastic website please keep this one live. I would be lost without......


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for proving such a valuable learning tool.


Great site. Who created it and what was the inspiration for it?


Found your website after a recommendation. Love it and will let other staff know about the great things it offers - especially the Australian money resources. Thank you!

Mary Bird

I just discovered this site and am thrilled with it! I work with teenagers who have significant cognitive and motor delays. There is so much I can use from this site for language. I like the sheets for tracing shapes, curves, etc. They print out so much better than other sites.


Wonderfull!! Thanx

john oberman

Very useful and impressive resource.I use it in teacher training for special education.Thank You all


Thanks for a great site !!


Hi, just found your site and am impressed with the number card generator. One problem, the numbers are printed in landscape on the cards, should be portrait. Can this be looked at or added as a feature. Thanks!

Mrs Land

Sorry but please note that there is a spelling mistake on one of your certificates for Craft and Design - fanastic instead of fantastic! I have printed these out for the whole school for our annual Eisteddfod and have now had complaints and have to redo and also use more ink! That will teach me not to check but didnt think I needed to! This site is fantastic usually but did have a giggle that an SEN site has a spelling mistake!
Thanks for that - will correct next update.


Great site! Wyould like to see all the currency activities include Canadian currency! Thanks!


I love this website. It is very user friendly and I especially love the wordsearch maker... and the fact that the grid can be refreshed to put the words in different locations so the children cannot copy each other! There are so many useful games on it too... Super!


Excellent website. Very useful and easy to use.


Wow!! I love your site. As the saying goes "where have you been all my life". This site has so much on it that my head is spinning with ideas. Thank you so much. I can't wait to tell the other teachers.

Kathy Bolton

An absolutely fantastic resource. I have found it very useful to get fresh ideas to teach. Thanks a bunch


Great resource! I use 2-D & 3-D shapes to illustrate science-based activities but the math & language arts components nicely complement the lessons. Thanks!


A fantastic resource; the printables are so useful. Just one problem; the Literacy dominoes, words 7 & 2 aren't in the sequence, any ideas how to overcome this.

Needs a fix - will address shortly. Thanks for letting me know.


Love this site i run a day centre for special needs this site is full of helpful ideas

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