Great resources, thanks

Mila Swim Coach

Thank you for making this free and easy to customize. Makes preparing awardscertificates for my swimmers much easier and less time consuming.


This website helps so much.Thanks


Just found this site Thanks


awesome, useful site. tyvm

Lucy Wanjiku

An incredibly valuable web site.

Niki D

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful things on this website all free, no signups, and all easy to customise. Your hard work is much appreciated by busy teachers.

claudia novelli

hii am looking for material for baby dysgapich,and for dexterityof the hands.thank you

eddy uzumaki

i love this web site so much.Thank you for your worksheet and software.i will check and visit regularly.


An absolute lifesaver. Fantastic graphics and options for layouts. Thank you so much

Noreen Jennings

Thanks for the great ideas


This is a brilliant website and saves so much work. Thank you.


Thanks for making the creation of individualized materials much easier


Thanks for the great ideas


very useful


Just what i needed. Thanks.


very useful website, lots of learning....


Hello,Im a french teacher for disabled children.I just want to thanks a lot for this website thats very usefull to me.PS Could it be possible to enable the accents in the litteracy section like.

Hi Martin, this depends on your font choice - some fonts [the sans & serif choices for instance] include a large international character set - but the more decorative fonts contain only basic Latin characters.


Really helped doing my math Assignment




I love this website and recommend it to my students who create teaching materials for work with language disabled children. However, I cannot find the spinner for use with letters. I create phonics spinners to teach phonics. I hope it will come back. I'll keep checking


Thanks, short of time and needed to prepare quickly.


Really helpful.


Great help


Just what I needed.


huge thanks for wordsearches

Avid reader

I have really enjoyed making our Librarians certificates through SEN Teacher Certificate Maker.The only two disappointing things now is that one of the borders has been removed with the stack of books, and one of the backgrounds that looks like the page has had its edges burnt has also disappeared. And now there an not many borders suitable for boys.We are wholly a boys school for boys between 9 and 13 years old. I do not know where else to find such a good way to make certificates for our Librarians as the Sen Teacher ones.


Very useful site for parents with special kids. Your are doing a wonderful service to the world.


This site is great What a wonderful resource that I will share


Thank you I searched and searched for printable flashcards, and you had just what I was looking for. It was so easy to print all the vocabulary flashcards I needed.

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