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Great help
Just what I needed.
huge thanks for wordsearches
Avid reader
I have really enjoyed making our Librarians certificates through SEN Teacher Certificate Maker.The only two disappointing things now is that one of the borders has been removed with the stack of books, and one of the backgrounds that looks like the page has had its edges burnt has also disappeared. And now there an not many borders suitable for boys.We are wholly a boys school for boys between 9 and 13 years old. I do not know where else to find such a good way to make certificates for our Librarians as the Sen Teacher ones.
Very useful site for parents with special kids. Your are doing a wonderful service to the world.
This site is great What a wonderful resource that I will share
Thank you I searched and searched for printable flashcards, and you had just what I was looking for. It was so easy to print all the vocabulary flashcards I needed.
Hi, I used your site whilst I was at uni for assignments and loved it. I came back on recently and most of my favourites were gone. Could you please re upload onset and rime tiles and the domino generator for maths. There were so many things that I loved on here I hope they all come back.

The site is being updated over Summer - all the original printables will be finished in time for the new (UK) School Year. Simon.
A Rob
Hi, I am a SEN Assistsnt in a primary school , I love using your site to make reading certificates for the children I work with. but after the new look and updates to your site, though it looks fantastic, most of the tweaks has gone also to navigate around the page has become much complicated. Please can you bring back the old certificate making tools and templates.Thank You Rob
C Chamaberlain
I have used this site for many years now and love your onset and rime generator for your own word lists.I think you called it dominoes Please bring them back.

They'll be back soon, the site is currently being updated - Rime wheel is up, but not the cards yet!
Paulo Roberto de Oliveira
I'm a Brazilian English Teacher and I'm in Orlando Florida in the University of Central Florida to improve my English.I liked this site very much and I want to use it in my classroom.
Using this webpage as part of a university assignment on AAC.
I haven't used your site for a few months and cannot find either the literacy loop cards, or the literacy dominoes. Can you tell me where to find them please. Thank you.

The site is mid-update currently. The new versions of these will be up within a couple of weeks at latest - these are being improved to print full sets of (always playable) dominoes and support the shared word lists used in the other printables.
New site looks brilliant. Well done
As an Occupational Therapist working with clients in New Zealand with Intellectual Disabilities your website has been very useful for myself as a resource in teaching the clients literacy and Numeracy skills. Thankyou
this indeed is a good website for the needs of children with special needs. THank you! I was searching for these resources.
Thank you for the added programmes which i can use with my autism and hard hearing learners in my classroom.
How do I save to my pen drive so I can print it off later ???
It is a great site. I have tried hours spending on other certificate websites but here I found very easy to use items. Thanks a lot.
This saved me mega bucks and time for awards for at-risk students, who allegedly never receive awards. The selections of designs and batch printing were exceptionally wonderful. Thank you so much.
Website is so useful and appreciated!
Mohammad Helmy
I would like to thank you for this wonderful site... It is really very helpful. THANK YOU
I Love this site I teach literacies and I use the worksheets activities etc. I also use them to help my grandchildren to count and tell the time. A big thank you to SEN teacher :)
I really like this site. helped me decorate my classroom
This is an awesome site. I've recently enrolled as a remedial teacher and these ideas have enhanced my knowledge. Thankyou You!!!!
I have been using resources provided on this website since 2004 and my learners love all the activities I create with your help.
Hi. Thank you for the site. It is a wealth of information and great printable worksheets and models to help the students I work with. That being said, I am Canadian and would LOVE to have the money sheets and manipulatives in Canadian currency if at all possible. Thank You!
I just got this site while searching for something else. This is a amazing site. seems to be very helpful. Its going out to be very useful for my 4 years old daughter who has started learning.------ Thanks for the unique site-
Sherri Fitt
I have just found your website whilst looking for resourses to help SEN students, especially those with dyslexic tendencies. The internet seems to be awash with information but a lot of them are contradictory and costly. I found yours to be extremely helpful and love the printable worksheets. I am a support assistant with an interest in dyslexia in a secondary school and find it very hard to obtain suitable age related resources that are free. I will be telling my work colleagues and parents of the students i support especially as you cover a wide range of SEN needs. Many thanks.
Heather B from SC
Hi! We LOVE your site and after finding it yesterday, wanted to share it with friends. I ended up posting to facebook, though, because it wouldn't let me make an addition to Pinterest, because it said no images were large enough to make a pin of. I know that other mommies who use pinterest would love to use your site's excellent resources, both those who have special needs children, elementary school children, or whose kids, like mine, are in middle school,and needed a 3D model. So I thought I'd let you know that one large image of something like a picture of the 3D models would be a great resource to publicize your site... and I'll happily post it up1 have a great Day and thanks for making our homework last night a lot daughter is now excited and wants to use scrapbook paper to make a mobile of the 3D models! -HB

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