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brynley bodinham
i work with adults with s.e.n and i found this web site to be a great site and will be using it more in the future i wish this site had been around when i first started teaching keep up the good work
Looks like a bookmark keeper!
Carol Finn
Really good resource, wish I would have found this years ago.
Cathy Pendergast
I'm sure you already have thousands - maybe millions of emails like this one... just saying THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have just completed my first year of primary teaching, and finding your website early in the year has helped me create much-needed resources. I really appreciate your generosity in sharing so much.
Sindhu Madhavan
Very good resource material. Thank you so much for the behavioural chart and all the flash cards. Do consider having flash cards for simple basic sentences.
thanks so much for the certificate pages! this were super quick and easy...we not only use them in the classroom, but for birthday certificates and fun things in the family. Thanks again! :)
Good site but could you please consider adding Canadian currency to your money sheets?
I ran off the Xmas Wordsearch for my class today and was surprised to find 2 words mis-spelt: mistletoe and reindeer! Remember to change these before running them off for your classes.

Sorry for this, I check all submissions, but this one slipped passed me!
Love the clocks sheets - am going to use them with older children to teach the time in French.
Hi I have previously used your site to print maths games card. It is a great circular game which generates various questions based around number facts. I have.... Who has..... but can not find this resource is it no longer available?

Please see the 'follow me' cards in Literacy Printables.
I love this! I am a sped elementary teacher and the "Print Other" tab is absolutely awesome! The entire site is great, but thanks for the facial expressions.
I love this site and have often used your resources for my special needs students. I just tried to print certificates using Batch Print. Problem is the words Batch Print appear in the bottom left instead of the presenter's name. The student names are fine. The correct name appears on the screen. Any ideas as to why or how to fix it? I was using Blue Stars Award Certificate.
Your site is a brilliant help and we thank you so much for helping us to help the children in our care.
Use this site all the time - really good for the low to high functioning post 16 autistic students I am responsible for. Using the nets at the mo' to make Christmas decorations to take home as little pressies. Thanks.
This is wonderful!! Could you make the place value manipulatives go to the 100,000s????
i just want to thank you for giving us worksheets at school i appreciate it so thank you Mrs Lands
Thank you very much for such an excellent site. This is my first time using SEN Teacher and it certainly won't be the last = BRILLIANT resource :)
This is fantastic!
Terry O'Dea
Please advertise the first all London region SEN science network at the Science Learning Centre.

There is an Impact Award for all network members that pays for the cost of this brand new service explicitly for science teachers of SEN pupils.

The network is scheduled to meet over 3 Days at Science Learning Centre London.

Ways to book:
I can't tell you the number of times I've used the resources on this site. I really value what you provide and I just want to say thankyou. You make my job easier and I appreciate it. I thought the site was good before but now it's even better. Thankyou
Fantastic site!! Do you have a link for High school students or more functional living ideas? For Western Australia
Still cannot see how to save certificates as pdf files. Can you tell me please? Thanks

Download a free print to PDF program such as CutePDF. Anything you print here will convert well to PDF this way.
A great site - Thanks!!!
I have just designed a lot of certificates for my piano students and saved them but they do not open properly. How should I save them so that I can go to Officeworks and have them printed in colour?

You can save a bitmap image from the generator, but you will get a better final result if you print to PDF.
The print is so small that it makes it very difficult to use this site. Pity as the resources look great!!
Been using this site for years. It's has some great resources! Have you thought about a dice with positional language on it? I tried to type above, below into the boxes, but the font is too big... Could we choose the font size to make the literary dice usable for other ideas?
Wonderful!!!! Thank you for this site. I found exactly what I was looking for!
A fantastic site - have used it now for a number of years and there is always something new! Thank you for such great resources - invaluable!
Lindsay (Scotland)
What a fantiastic site. I just got a job as an SEN Teacher and this site will really help me help my students. Many thanks.

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