A great site which I use for my class of adults with learning difficulties. The word dominoes are especially useful, and they all like the certificates.


I have been creating resources all day and it is so nice to get a helping hand from you! I wish I had found you earlier. Excellent website.

Sue meek

Great stuff here! Thanks so much. We SEN teachers need all the ideas we can get!


fab nets


This is such a fantastic site, with relevant, good quality resources. I've told all my colleagues about it and we all use it regularly. Thanks to all responsible.


fantastic site, lots of great resources,


On a day when nothing electronic seems to be working, you have come up trumps for me! Thanks for some great ideas.


Fantastic resources, thank you. I'm a sen teacher convert


What a find! I am hoping to be able to use some of these programmes with my brother in law, who for xmas was given a laptop. He is an adult with learning disabilities, but missed early school years, so I feel he will benefit from these programmes. Thankyou so much!!!


Thanks very much, I needed something to give to my daughter to show she was getting a magazine subscription for xmas (they didnt supply anything) so just adapted a certificate!! Great site.


This is the most useful site i've ever found!!! There is so many resources on here. Ypu have saved me a lot of time. Thank you


super stuff saved my bacon ideal for tree decorations


This is the most useful site I have ever found, saves so much time and stimulates loads of ideas!!


This site is excellent. It will save me so much time and has given me great ideas. Thanks


What happened to the Kingsbury School site?

Regrettably I was asked to take it down by the school. The site dated back to 2001 when I working there. Most of Kingsbury has since been amalgamated and all thats left is the primary department so it was felt the old site was confusing and no longer relevant. Its a shame as despite its age it was still getting 1000 visits a week!

S. Little

I really enjoyed using this site; I don't need certificates often so it was nice to be able to use this for the one I needed.


Just wanted to say what a great site this is. It has saved me hours of time. Thank You


Hi!!! Excellent resource you've got here!!! Will definately be back!!!


A brilliant site. This site was recommended by a colleague. Thanks to both of you.


I think this site is amazing, it has so many useful resources for free.

Tyrone Nicholson

Just wanted to say this is a great site. it is so straight forward. you just type and click and it's done. it doesn't even have to load the certificate up after you have finished making it. great site.

Janet Freeman

Hi, I just want to commend you for a fantastic site - your resources are fantastic and have come in handy for any student of any ability. They are really user friendly and i've recommended your site to so many people - they are thankful of your resources too! Keep up the good work! Thanks :) Janet.

Christine Pugh

Just wanted to say this is a really neat website. Thanks for making things much easier.


Thanks for the site Some certificates of achievement for my students should make their day


This site has really been a help for me. Thank You

Dee Cramblit

I loved your site! My students will benefit from the materials I've printed. Thank you so much for another rich resource!

Leesa Malone

A brillant website, was able to find what i was looking for very easyaly. you made it os easy for me to do things


Wow, what a wonderful website!! I have found this site to be very useful and the students love the sheets and games. Keep up the great work on this site.

j. Callus

A great find kept me from my other work ! Thank you.May you continue to GROW and GROW.

alice westhead

how did I miss this website with such invaluable and engaging resources thank-ypu from myself and the children

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