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hiya,your website was brilliant it makes things alot easier to create and saves time. What a great website!!! cheers should of known about it sooner!!
Olivia Jayne Richmond
A very good way of supporting your child.
Excellent site, I work with Foundation 2 and have used many of your worksheets, currently printing 'money' sheets. I particularly love the letter fans unfortunately so do rest of our year group so I'm currently making 183 of them ! This is the first site I visit when looking for resources, Thank you.
Great site recommended by our Maths lecturer, I am based in Ireland so would love if you could make a printable with Euro coins?? Also digital time sheets would be great
Fabulous site - I teach Year 1 and have made all sorts of cards for phonics activities, matching games etc. (not just for my lower achieving children either). I just love the fact that I can make customised sets which I can differentiate and target to the precise needs of my class. It's costing a fortune in laminating pouches, I just can't resist making a few more resources every time I visit. THANK YOU.
this is so cool i really love it it really helps thanksxx
I use this site all the time I work with students witha wide range and many different learning difficulties can we have some digital time sheets.
Found this link on, now living in Australia and will recommend to the local high schools, fantastic thanks, all the way from the other side of the world!
Mrs B
I cover sen for a Primary school, this website, which I stumbled on this morning,is fantastic.However, occasionally I deal with the Gifted and Talented aswell, it would be great to see a site like yours aimed at these children. They have special needs aswell, don't they? All ideas welcome.
Mrs Milner
Great excellent resources, came upon this site by accident. Will be telling all my colleagues about this site. Many thanks, have already put you on my favourites.
Fantastic follow me maker- I knew what to do but needed a bit of explanation as to where to put the start and finish on the cards- otherwise a superb resource
Many thanks. Very useful resources.
Mrs Fairey
I have made dominoes with your printables resource, but find that it makes two dominoes using one pair of words, and I cannot get out of this. Have I got it wrong? I don't want to discard two dominoes each time.
LSA Hampshire
Great site use it a lot....any chance of material to promote self-esteem, reward charts, bookmarks for stickers etc...
LOVE THIS SITE. Use it all the time. I am looking for free printable resourses to help adults with learning disabilities develope skills in the home, safety in the kitchen etc. Any ideas please. Many thanks.
So impressed, excellent resources
Thank you so much brillant site will help so much can't wait to use the ideas Thanks
Sandy Devonshire
I love your site! I came across it by happy accident and have been using it with my first graders ever since. It is especially helpful with my approaching level kids. I am in Pittsburgh, PA in the U.S. I have been singing your praises to everyone. I would love it if you could make a set of U.S. coins for the dice. Keep up the great work.
Can't wait to get printing and using - thanks
What a useful site full of bits and bobs, just what I was looking for.
Thank you for such wonderful, print & use tools for my students!
Thank you.
class teacher
Wonderful hassle free site. Keep up the good work. Any plans to expand? (fractions, etc)
Cool site. Good layout. Good resources. Good idea. Did I say this was a good site?
A fabulous array of visual resources which will inspire children and save me hours. Thankyou!
Sean Donovan
This is an excellent resource to help me teach my DS niece at home. Thank you!
I love this site, it has saved me so much time, thank you.NSW, Australia
What a brilliant website! I have found so much for my class.
A great site to help support working with special needs children. The printable sheets are of great help and interest for staff and children!
I searched and searched for printiable 3-D shapes. What a find. Thank you

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