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What a fantastic website! Came across it by chance looking for ideas to make certificates for a 'virtues / moral education class' which I run at a community centre for about 14 children.. The printables and downloads will also be very useful for my own child with Aspergers.
Totally FANTASTIC! I work in a Secondary school - just about to leave and have made all my Yr 9 Tutor group an individual certificate!
Delores Cover
what a brilliant site, came across it through 'Secondary teacher' and I cannot get enoughof it all
Jackie Davies
FANTASTIC glad ive found you
Thank you thank you thank you. This has given me at least 3 weeks of the summer holiday back as I can now find what I need without hours of trawling.
Simply GREAT!!!!Thank you.
What a fantastic site. As an SEN Learning Assistant it has helped me so much. My children love to play games and these are so educational for literacy and numeracy. Thank you keep it up.
H. Din
Useful site! Thanks
great website, thanks for helping me with my certificates
Emma Jones
This site is going to save me hours. What a fantastic idea, if only everyone would share their ideas this job would be so much easier! Thank you so much! Keep it up! I will be back!!!
this is a wonderfull site
Sam Clifford
Gr8 Thanx SAM
Johan Huizing
Site helped me a lot! Great to present such certificates / awards
this is good and fun web site for teaches mums and cildren
Thank you guys....this site is AmAzInG!!!!
I think that the printable worksheets are fantastic.
Great website I have been using it all year. Fab to be able to grab a worksheet at a minutes notice.I use it for sen numeracy because you can change the ability level so easily more! more !please.
Thank you for such a great website!! I love being able to customise the worksheets!! Making my planning much easier!! :)
Darren Davies
Excellent website. A very useful resource for everyone. Darren
Thank you soo much; this is a BRILLIANT resource. I have spent all morning downloading games for 5 year olds to practise anything and everything. Love the way the font adapts and the pics are excellent.
I teach a severly Autistic young adult with no speech and this will help me a lot many thanks and I will be a regular visitor.
very interested site and useful
Hello. I liked your site. Very useful resource. THE BEST. Thanks. Sincerely, Kina
good website
carol p
Hi!!! Excellent resource you've got here!!! Will definately be back!!!
Daniel Black
you do have very interesting interactive computer games/activities. But I was wondering if you would have them compatible to Mac operating system??
This is the most amazing site, it will save me hours in preparing resources. Something for every lesson! I must get a life!!! Thanks
I've posted the series over on my education blog, so commenting is open.
Karrla W.
Fabulous! Wish I had found out about this site back in August!
Sarah Murphy
This was fun and easy to use ..thanks.

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