wendy taylor

I am a year 1 teacher and found your website by chance. Wow! it's fantastic and has saved me lots of time. A wonderful resource that I use in all areas of the curriculum.


Great site! Keep it up.

Sue F

What would we do without you?! A brilliant resource for all to use - and it's free. Unbelievable!


This site is brilliant! I am a teaching assistant and work with an Autistic child. I have used lots of printables with great results. Thankyou and well done.


This site is just what I need, not just for sen students either. Keep up the good work!


Fantastic website. I am a HLTA but and always looking for new ideas.

Lynn Court

This is a brilliant tool for Skills for Life teachers. The resources are adaptable and suitable for adults as well as children. Excellent! Thank you


I have made resources from here to use with children who were non-readers. This week they read sentences from their reading book, fluently. This site is fantastic. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


this is a fabulous website and the nets fot the shape are great!


What a fantastic website, it has has everything you could ever need to help children with SEN.


i am pleased you have updated you site. I have always used it but now it makes my life so much easier. well done


Fantastic site loads of good resources thank you


Great site, great resources ill be letting everyone kno about it

jo c

Thanks for saving me lots of time!!!!!!!!!


Great site! I am in education and use it heaps. Just one problem though. Your colour dice has six colours on it and the colour cards only have five colours. You have missed orange off of the cards.

Thanks for pointing that out! Orange has been added.


Fantastic site- so pleased that i have found you!


I like your site very much indeed.


Many many thanks for a wonderful site; it has been a great help to me as a SEN teacher. Brilliant!


Ease of use and smashing ideas, a brilliant site in so many ways. Thankyou.


As a SENCO I have just found your site ...lots of wonderful ideas that really will help some our less able children.. Thank you very much.

Jo Mackay (UK)

What a great website. Some really useful info and resources. Thankyou.

lorraine hampton

fantastic site, l have printed so many useful activites...thank you


this is a great site. i have printed so many things that help me with my class.keep up the good job!!!!!!!!!


wow, what a fantastic site. i am amazed at what is on here.i have a son with aspergers and learning difficulties with autistic features. and although get a lot of outside help this site is going to be of such fantastic use for me to help support that much more. i have only just found it and cant wait to start using it with him .


What a FANTASTIC site. I only wish I found you sooner. Bright Blessings


Great site. Good info.


this is the web that my school yses its that good!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This website is wonderful,its so useful for all abilities!


Thanx thanx thanx for such great job done above your website!


You're website looks very good, it was a pleasure to be on you're. Keep on the good work :-)

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