Linda Platshon

Thanks so much for the wonderful clocks. These are the first my special ed kids have been able to read. I laminated them to use for practice work. Linda Platshon, Dunn ES, Sparks, Nevada


Good site! Thanks.


I am so thrilled to find such a helpful and useful site for my teaching resources! Well presented, clear and easy to use- an invaluable support for all kinds of subjects!

Karin Martin

amazing site, very helpful on my teacher training.

Shirley Skinner

Thank you so much for having this material available for teachers. It was simple and easy to print copies.


Very good site, thank you! Bookmarked :)


Great site, Thanks for being there.


i really like how u disply the shapes


Thank You


Brilliant site,loads of really good ideas.I am a 1-1 teaching assistant for a child with prader - willi syndrome.your site has helped me find resouces to deal with her behaviour aswell as lots of printables to help with her education. thank you

Mrs V. Clark

What a fantastic website. I am a one-to-one teaching assistant and have found numerous ideas and printables to use with my pupil. Many thanks. I will definately be spreading the word!


Brilliant site thanks for all the help for my kids.

David Papworth

What an excellent site! Thank you so much!


Thank you so much for a great site. I introduced the teachers in my SEI class to your website, and they were sooo excited about it! So many great manipulatives for ELL students.


Thank you so much for all the resources on your site. You make my job so much easier.


I have been tryng to find printable 3-d nets and can't find them.

You will find them here: Printable Nets


I'm a teacher of students with moderate to severe handicapping conditions in the USA. Thanks for your wonderful FREE information and resources!


Thank god for this web site it has help my friend(Kelly) so much through the last few years of her disability and i have helped her on this site many times. Its so good to have free information and such gd ideas and resources. thank u, rachel


i have a 10 year old daughter with dyspraxia . i am so thrilled to have the use of this web site. im lost as to what to do sometimes so thankyou thankyou. this site helps me feel like i can do something to help her.


I use this site nearly every week.I work with SEN children and children with all abilities.I find that the site covers a whole range of ideas and resources.Please keep up the great work A*

Dave Munns

Great site and thankyou for the printable certificates. Very impressed. Regards, Dave


this is a great website for all ideas of creating activities thankyou so much!!


this website is so simple. Alot of times I go places and it is so confusing but this site is awesome! It also is great because I have to make a mobile with all kinds of shapes. I recamend this site 100%


hiya,your website was brilliant it makes things alot easier to create and saves time. What a great website!!! cheers should of known about it sooner!!

Olivia Jayne Richmond

A very good way of supporting your child.


Excellent site, I work with Foundation 2 and have used many of your worksheets, currently printing 'money' sheets. I particularly love the letter fans unfortunately so do rest of our year group so I'm currently making 183 of them ! This is the first site I visit when looking for resources, Thank you.


Great site recommended by our Maths lecturer, I am based in Ireland so would love if you could make a printable with Euro coins?? Also digital time sheets would be great


Fabulous site - I teach Year 1 and have made all sorts of cards for phonics activities, matching games etc. (not just for my lower achieving children either). I just love the fact that I can make customised sets which I can differentiate and target to the precise needs of my class. It's costing a fortune in laminating pouches, I just can't resist making a few more resources every time I visit. THANK YOU.


this is so cool i really love it it really helps thanksxx


I use this site all the time I work with students witha wide range and many different learning difficulties can we have some digital time sheets.

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