I love this website

Lee Rowe

wonderful site. thanks heaps. I used the printable certificates for my hockey team but as I am a special ed teacher in australia I was excited to find a site that will be a fantastic resource for the future.


Hi, Thanks so much for this great2x site. You are helping us a lot. I'am very much impressed by all your works.

Sally West

Brilliant site! Many useful printables and a wide variety.


What a fantastic resource for the UK!

mindy rosier

this site is extremely useful!!!


Love this site. Lots of useful ideas and resources for my complex needs students! Thank you!


I was able to get alot of great info from your site, thanks. Real good nav.

John McAndrew

This is an excellent site and an example to all working with chidren with SEN on the value of freely sharing resources which work.

Miss Khan

Just to say your site is fantastic and so easy to use. I am an esl teacher and your material really helps. Thank you


Excellent material. Well done and thank-you


I think your site is one of the best sites I have ever stumbled upon. It has a fantastic range of resources. I am a special ed teacher and the resources are great for teaching funtional academics and social/communication skills. The only constructive criticism I would make is that I cant choose australian money but that is only a slight downside compared to what you offer. I sincerely thank you for what you have on this site :)

Fernand Vos

I am also a Dutch teacher and use this site sooooooo often! One of my favorites. I recommend it to all my colleagues!



Tineke Wenselaar

I am a dutch teacher, and I am very happy with this website, I use many printables in my own class. So dutch children work with your educational material


Thank you for the use of your certificate maker. I made certificates for my pre-school Sunday School class for promotion to the elementary class.


I was googling for multiplication grids to help my daughter and came across this site, its absolutely brilliant!!! I couldnt stop printing pages of various things to help with my daughters handwriting and Maths. Thankyou ever so much, this is one of the most helpful websites I have found, can't wait to take the worksheets home to my little Girl.


excdellent site. Do you know where I can make quick wordsearches?

Lisa Redding

I am a Physical Therapist working with elderly people. I am using the pre-handwriting activities to help a 93 year old lady who suffered a wrist fracture a year ago and lost her handwriting abilities. My 10 year old son has struggled with his handwriting from the get-go, so he will practice these same skills. Thank you!

Loyda J. Mendez Lopez

This site is awesome!!! I love it!!! Thanks, and be bless all the people that works in this site. It is a wonderful work tool.


I was just looking on the web for multiplication charts to use in Spec Ed sumemr school and came upon this site..GREAT!!! I'm excited to pass this website to my fellow teachers!!


these nets are amazing i just love them

Anna (Italy)

Great website! I'm an EFL teacher and your help with all these fantastic and useful tools is very very important for my everyday teaching. Thanks a lot!

Louise King

As an NQT this resource has helped me such a lot with displays, etc and has made life easier for me and my kids. Thanks so much!!!


I love the certificate maker. It makes you certificates in less than 5 minutes. Oh yes!

Carole Anne

This is an excellent link for teachers. thank you very much, I will certainly be using most of your assistance in my day to day teaching.


I like the certificate maker.


this site is absolutely brilliant...such wonderful resources to help our children florish in schools...thanks a bunch!!


I think some of the stuff on this site is so helpful. Iw ork with SEN children adn it is always a difficulty trying to find alternative work for them but this site has truly helped.


cool website

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