you are hot

hi i think this is a fab website if only i had an age writtien on it so we can tell which works for who


i like how you printed

Miss G

Very Intresting and useful


A great site with some excellent resources but very difficult to read the print for someone who has bad eyesight

ellen lunz

I am a speech and language pathologist who juts found a link to your site. Its just about the best site I have ever seen for creating therapy materials! Keep up the good work!

jules harper

Just come across this site by accident.How brilliant it is.Just want to say a big thank you.Im about to start a teacher assistant course.Having just passed classroom assistant.It will be so useful.So thanks again.


I am austic and dyslexic i need lots of help plus the hact i have a medical condition with my spine which mean i need to wear a brace 24 hours 7 days a week this site is really good

Ann Osborne

I'm an L.S.A. and have just discovered this site. It is an excellent resource!


I woud like to see more shaps for my home work right now


Wow!An amazing website.I found it while doing some random search in Google. Printable are great.Please keep adding resources.Thanks a lot.


Helo there. Did you do sll the shapes?


Great site! I'm a teacher from The Netherlands, but I find many usefull items on this site! The clock-page is one that I and many colleagues use allmost every week!


only just found this site. I love it!


just found your site. Just what I needed for my special children


Great website! I have been using it a school for ages I work with special needs and it's great for numeracy and literacy to be able to customise at an easy level to make them more accessable for all. Having coloured work aswell makes it more intersting PLEASE!! keep adding more I am always checking and hoping.THANKS!!!!

Laura Holbrook

This is helping me to help TA's in my school - many thanks!


Nice site .


I really love SEN teacher. It is cool, fab and fantastic.I don't know what to say but, i really love this site. Thanks for the site.


Just printed first set of Dominos. great site. Thanks


mooie website


What a fab website!!


Great website guys! Tried to email over somthing of interest to add to useful links..but afraid the email rejected :o( I was trying


Brilliant website. Has given me wonderful resources. haven't come across another website so useful as this one. Thank you!


An excellent site. I recommend it to EVERYBODY and use it every day. Thank You!!


We printed out the nets of shapes and had great fun making them!


Many thanks for a brilliant site. I needed some certificates for a parents course I am running, and was able to use your templates. Much better than anything I could have produced ( and quicker!!)


great site


Great site. Very helful resources. Love them all.


Awesome site, thank you!!!

Sonia Soares

I am a portuguese special educational needs teacher and this site is extremely useful, though I am Portuguese. I also teach them English and I thank you for having such good material!! Congratulations...

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