Excellent materials - well thought out formats


The labels are really good to put on your Maths Jotter, Tray, Spelling Jotter etc.


fab resources. please expand so that we can do lots of other wonderful things for our SpLD kids. thanks.


Has really helped me with my handwriting lessons that i do, the pupils i hope will feel the same way.

Jo Commander

I have printed four of your free printables... These are for my colleagues at work. These have brought much laughter and plenty of smiles so thankyou very much...

Cindy Baggett

I loved this site. Thanks for developing this site. It appeals to my Math gene!


I love your site and use your printables often in my primary school classroom. Thank you!!!!! Do you know of any way of adapting the cracker jack wheels to add words, like verb tenses or comparative and superlatives of adjectives?


I think this website is fantastic for rewarding children for their work and behaviour.


This is the BEST website I have ever come across. There are some many useful printables. I have searched for so long to find good photos to create a receptive language picture "book" for my autistic students. Thank you so much for the picture maker on your site. Best of luck to you!

Monica W.

Thank you for the resources on this site. As a mother of a child with disabilities and a teacher of students with special needs, I have found it very helpful.


Don't know what I would do without this site! The resources are perfect....Thank you!!!




I think this site is absolutely fantastic and i partcularly like the emotions resources. They fit in with my work very well. Many thanks!


Great website


This is a great site. Printouts are supportive and eay for parents to support learning at home.

Erika Doyle

This is awesome. I love this site. Thank you so much!


This is a great website! I especially love the printouts of the nets! I'm a PROBE 6th grade sudent myself looking for a website to understand the 3D figures and now I get it! Thanks!


This is coooooooooooooooooooool

T ina Rowlands

This is great i am a childminder and have found your site so useful. I have let everyone know about the site. Highley recomended.


I love this site and the 3-D shapes are brilliant! any chance of putting up Euro coins?


This is great! Now I finally understand nets!

Mark Imran Raza

Hi I'm an SEN teacher in an inclusive school - and my colleagues and I think that whoever designed this website is a genius. Wonderful resources at the click of a button. A massive well done.


Thankyou. Thankyou. Resources suitable for TESOL too.


Love this website! Being a first year teacher, this is a great resource that makes making everything for my classroom a lot easier!!! I'll be recommending it to all my teacher-friends!!!

D Rix

Brilliant! Just took over as SENCO and needed some inspiration x thank you


Fantastic website, which I have recently discovered. Fabulous resources which have provided my maths class with lots of fun (yes really!) and importantly learning opportunities. Thank you for sharing.


What a useful website! Thank you very much!

sarah hosty

There are not many sites that have resources that can be used for adults with SEN. I have used almost everything so far and look forward to new stuff being added.


what a great site!!! I shall definitely be recommending it to my local primary school!!!

Helen Brooks

Thank you very much! My daughter had trouble with her handwriting, and this site really helps.Thanks to you my daughter has made such an improvement Thanks again :)

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