I love this site its fantastic, keep up the good work


i love how u do this.good job

Tasneem Gamieldien

I LOVE this web site!!!! well done! I love the fact that I can can make flah cards and games directly from this web site!!!! AMAZING!!! And free of charge!!!!I feel like I have died and gone to teachers heaven!! thank you

Anna Marie

I stumbles upon this web site when I was looking for 3-D shapes. I was so impressed with it that I told several teachers within the hour. I teach a 3rd grade inclusion classroom with various disabilities. You can imagine how thrilled I was when I realized that it was also an SEN site. Since we are also an ESOL magnet, I also showed our ESOL teacher the picture cards. THANK YOU!!


Superb website, very informative and fantastic time saving resources too -THANK YOU


this site has been a great help to my class and me thanks

S. Harrington

Sen Teacher has been a god send. I love the variety of worksheet available and the ease of manuvering through the different pages. I save a lot of time using your worksheets instead creating my own.


a sneak browse has inspired me to look further-well set out

k jolliffe

Excellent web site. Will reccomend to others!!


I love this site keep it up


I love this site. The certificate maker is used every day.


Thank you very much for these wonderful resources. They are very helpful. It's the first time I am using this site, and I think it is awesome! Keep up the good work!


Your 3D shape nets are amazing!!!!


surfing over the internet for educational matter , I found your website , so helpful and useful. Nice job done Cheers!


I love the certificates and I use them in school


I have used this with my daughter and she loves it. She is practising for next years 11+.


I wanted to use the picture word flash cards but when i tried changing to common words such as saw or drill (Im a Tech teacher) the pictures were not only a poor standard but strange and slightly sadistic looking, where do you source your pictures they are completely inappropriate and weird - thought I'd better inform you so that you can make relevant changes.

Sorry about this, safesearch is enabled in the Flickr search, but I guess the site isn't that well moderated! I'm working on a new version using Yahoo rather than Flickr and the results are looking much better for single keyword searches, at the moment you really need to use multiple search words to get the right image consistently. Eg put 'electric drill' in the search box and 'drill' in the word box. You're not the first person to mention this and I am making changes!


Thank you so much for this fabulous, time-saving site - the printables have saved me no end of work and the children in my class love using them. A hit all round. Keep up the good work!!


this is great very useful resources for the child i work with

Mrs D

I am an ESA in a primary school, i have used lots of your resources and found them really useful. As they can be used in a variety of ways. I found it particularly good because the resources can be personalised for your individual need. I am struggling to download a certificate though !!

I'm working on a way to save and share edited printables, but it will be some time before its finished. In the meantime, using a PDF printer (eg Broadgun PDF which is free) is a solution to save edited sheets for future use.

Pauline Steadman

Any chance of a new version of 'coins machine' with a 2 coin included - otherwise it's perfect.

Yes, every chance - I guess its time to update, the coins machine is six years old now.


this thing was veery fun. i printed all the things

becky ruscoe

i am not a teacher but i have used the number flash cards with my son who has SEN and ive found them very helpful and he enjoys playing the games with them thanks


the printables are great but just two comments. i have to make up lots of picture cards so the picture card maker is a great idea except that the images it selects are pretty random for anything else other than animals. also many of the images have too much visual noise on them so would be confusing for someone with learning disabilities. re your games and dice printables any chance of British finger spelling alphabet ones? or everyday sign language signs? money one very useful. cheers kosh


I have passed this excellent site on to my colleagues. We lecture in Support For Learning in a college. SO useful!! Many thanks.


Its really great for good resources. I can say one of the best sites. I was looking for my kids (Y2) some stuff, so that they can practice when they are at home. I belive you are doing great job and keep-it-up and ALL THE BEST. I did not find any option for "Send to Friend" option as i expected to be in every page at botton of the article/topic.


I love senteacher. The printables are fantasti to use with a range of students

baby b

i like this website!! it has a good selection of work sheets for my class!!! top marks for this!!

B. Smith

Thank you for this wonderful resource. It is a time saver when creating activities for differentiating instructional materials for any student.


Thank you for your fantastic resource!! I was just commenting to my teaching partner that your website is a life saver. A big thank you Mark

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