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Thank for this website it really organized my new and improved classroom!
This is really good, I never knew such a site existed. I'm already so exited about using the resources with my students.
I help with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students in America and I find tools from this site very helpful.
perfect exactly what i needed in less than a minute. Thankyou.
Raphael Gilbert
Hi, I LOVE this website :o) You've saved me so many times!!! :)
Geeta Peter
Excellent resources. Very useful printables. Helped me with my 3D Topic in geometry. Thank you very much
I like the nets. Especially the cube and the pyramid.
A great website, thank you so much....
Good website, v.helpful!
The certificate maker is fabulous!!! I love it and my students love earning them!
Jane Armstrong
As an LSA for a child with Downs Syndrome I find your rescources invaluable, and have told other5 LSA's and TA's in our school. We now use your range of free printables throughout the school. Thank you!
Thank goodness I don't have to stamp out pages of clock faces any more! So much easier (assuming the printer is working, but that's another story)
Jacqui Andres
Brilliant. Clear printable worksheets saved me huge amounts of time. Thank you.
I am so happy to find your website. As a new special education teacher it is wonderful to find such great resources. Thank you
Wonderful site. Very versatile and useful! Thank you.
Amazing site the printable worksheets are so good!! Thank you for your help!
Hi peeps I've printed the faces dice and am trying to find instructions on how to use it any suggestions

People use them in different ways, but probably the most common is within circle time activities - starting out with the roller talking about themselves, gradually moving to where other members of the group suggest things about the individual doing the rolling or things other members of the circle have done to cause the feelings and so forth.
Carrie joy
Thank you so much. This is just what I was looking for. I could cry with relief!
Jozef Kosut
I am a teacher of mathematics and physics at the primary school. I am glad I established contact with the teachers in these subjects, to exchange experiences, particularly with the use of interactive boards. Waiting for your answer, gentlemen. Joseph Kosut
peebody simson
very good i like the maths its great for my 1 year old he loves counting thankyou
I have a flash website i'm looking for the script who makes google ads on flash. can you give me the link?
Elizabeth O'Donnell
Fantastic sight. I have a 14 year old son that was diagnosed with a sever language disorder at three years, semantic and pragmatic difficulties are becoming more apparent due to his language disorder. I would like to hear from other parents.
Imtiaz Ahmed
I am A parent of three children and found this site after my nine year old asked me to help her with her home work on 3D shapes and found it to be an excellent resource. Thank-you very much
I am an adult tutor for students with learning difficulties. Excellent range of resources that have been really enjoyed by my groups! Thanks! : )
R Mudhar
I am really impressed with the site and resources available. I am not a teacher, just a mum who is trying to help her 7 year old with understanding maths and your resourses were the best. THANKS :)
I am an adult literacy teacher, and have found this a wonderful resource site for making my own materials to support my students. Many many thanks. I have passed on the details of the site to lots of other people, too.
Thank you for such good site. It is sorry that before him did not find
Haseena Siddique
I have to say as a student teacher, this website has become a lifeline for me. It has helped me with not only my children with learning disabilities but resources that can be used to help the rest of my class. A super website that should be recognised for the constant source of help it gives. Many thanks

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