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Love this website! Being a first year teacher, this is a great resource that makes making everything for my classroom a lot easier!!! I'll be recommending it to all my teacher-friends!!!
D Rix
Brilliant! Just took over as SENCO and needed some inspiration x thank you
Fantastic website, which I have recently discovered. Fabulous resources which have provided my maths class with lots of fun (yes really!) and importantly learning opportunities. Thank you for sharing.
What a useful website! Thank you very much!
sarah hosty
There are not many sites that have resources that can be used for adults with SEN. I have used almost everything so far and look forward to new stuff being added.
what a great site!!! I shall definitely be recommending it to my local primary school!!!
Helen Brooks
Thank you very much! My daughter had trouble with her handwriting, and this site really helps.Thanks to you my daughter has made such an improvement Thanks again :)
joan knight
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing these useful ideas and resources. I think its great that other educationalists are willing to share for the ultimate benefit of young people. Thank you again.
This is a very useful website to use! I will recomend your website to some friends.
Brenda McNeil
thanks for all the great ideas. I have recommended your site to several friends.
I loved this web site. I found many useful picture cards I could use in my class. Thank You
Shaun Webb
Ifound this website by accident last night and so far I have found the 2 things I was looking for and I plan to use it more now to help my son as this site looks just what help I need. many thanks
Fantastic website thanks from the Netherlands
very good and informative worksheets
Pat Williams
Your site is very useful.
What a fantastic Website am going to have a lot of fun now helping my little girl learn to read and write , Count i will be passing this website on to the local primary school . Thank you very much
Carol Schwartz
I have found some very useful things at this sight and look forward to using them in my class.
Just wondering why there are no numeracy money fans with the euro coins on them. Surely the euro is more common than the pound!! Love the website in general though-great for challenge sheets.
A great resource - many thanks!
carol hull
this is an excellent web site,i have used it on many occasions in my line of work and have recommended it to mt colleges.
Thanks. I'm so pleased to have found your site. I'll pass it on to others.
This site is fab. It has let me do in 5 minutes what would normally take me hours. A huge thank you!
Thank you so much for all the time you have saved me in producing resources. the ready made grids and the templates are worth their weight in gold. They have helped me put together homework bags for busy parents to help their children without it seeming like work, and helped me create plenty of relevant and fun starter activities.
Ambrose Linn
Honestly, I find this flash card games truly witful and fascinating! It does help train up and stimulate students' creativity and word power. A big thumb up indeed! Ambrose Linn
this site is great, thanks for making my life easier
Aileen (UK)
Really useful site, use it a lot. thanks
This was perfect, gift certicicate made up and printed in no time done on photo paper...Way to go!. what a site.. Thank you.
it's very good web site for children teaching
i think this web is great
Rick in Springville
Great concept. Easy to use and quick!

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