I like this website it a great website.


Very impressed by this website! Lots of useful printables and downloads I can use at my job as an occupational therapist working with children ")


This is a very helpful site


thank you I need to use use this site more often I really apreciate it thanks again.


I am able to use many of the items on this site,it has been a tremendous help. Looking forward to more great ideas. I supervise an after school and kids club program.


Love the printable section. Cracking site. Will pass on to all my work mates.


I have enjoyed browsing the web site, I teach secondary SEN students and have now rinted off many card games to help them with both reading & spelling. Well done and thank you.


Love the printables section and have been back many times in past 2 years! Thank you so much! Have passed site on to many colleagues. (I teach a 4th gr. general ed. class with inclusion.)


Your site is wonderful! I feel like I've won the lottery. I've already started sharing the information with other teachers and parents. Thank you ! Im a speech pathologist, working in Mississppi. I'll be back often.


Thank you for this excellent website!!


i think this website is stupendous as well as exeptional


What a fantastic site and so informative!!! I am an occupational therapist and very interested in how children learn - find me at sussexchildrenscentre.com for more information!


Terrific site, thank you. I'm a special needs teacher in Australia and will use this site often.

Mary Kae

What an awesome site for special ed and preschool teachers too. My daughter told me about this and I will be using it! Thanks so much.


What a fantastic site! Mountains of up-to-date information and great tools for making resources - tiles using connectives are brilliant! Thank you. I'll be back!

Randy Marcell

Excellent source for me ( a regular ed math teacher with an inclusion model *)


brilliant website really helpful


I love your website and use it all of the time to generate worksheets. My only wish is that you had included Canadian Coins for your section on money. Might that be coming at a later date? Thank you. Cathy


handwriting sheets great for laminating and using over and over.

Jane Johnson

I have just begun my Masters in Special Education and am so glad I stumbled upon your site! I googled "onset-rime resources" and viola! Thank you so much!!!!!

Barbara Legnani

I'm an italian teacher...thank you so much. I found lots of materials!

Darin Smith

Many thanks for the printables, great teaching aids!

Ric Kirschner

This site is great. I happened upon while searching for geometry materials for my 6th grades. Thank you so much!


Brilliant thank you so much!!!

Mike Mcdonald

This site is great I stumbled upon it while looking to make certificates for the students in my 2nd grade science class. I'm just starting out with SPED so I will certainly be back thanks again.


this web site good it has lots of things.

Shelly Oraze

I love your site....first time visit..I was looking for handwriting sheets and what a pot of gold I found...terrific printables for my special ed. Kindergarten class...thanks!


Wow!! What a wonderful site - you are about to save me hours of work - thank you.

Annette Bevans

I found your site by accident and I think it's wonderful. I work in a special needs school and your printables are fantastic Thankyou very much for making a site that makes planning a little easier

Garry F Stephens

This information is fantstic and invaluable; all praise to everyone involved. I have downloaded the PC interaction aids and they have proved very popular, thanks and keep up the work on this great site.

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