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What a fab website!!
Great website guys! Tried to email over somthing of interest to add to useful links..but afraid the email rejected :o( I was trying
Brilliant website. Has given me wonderful resources. haven't come across another website so useful as this one. Thank you!
An excellent site. I recommend it to EVERYBODY and use it every day. Thank You!!
We printed out the nets of shapes and had great fun making them!
Many thanks for a brilliant site. I needed some certificates for a parents course I am running, and was able to use your templates. Much better than anything I could have produced ( and quicker!!)
great site
Great site. Very helful resources. Love them all.
Awesome site, thank you!!!
Sonia Soares
I am a portuguese special educational needs teacher and this site is extremely useful, though I am Portuguese. I also teach them English and I thank you for having such good material!! Congratulations...
Thank you so much for the wonderful free printable resources. I am particularly pleased that the dotted font on the handwriting page is perfect for name cards for my mainstream school reception class.
Nice Clocks!
A brilliant site. I recommend it to every-one who comes into school. Really great and useful resources.
Christy Rands
This is a great sight and very helpful. I love it I'll be back and I will let the other Special Ed. teachers I work with know about it. THANKS for making my life easier!!!!
i love the shapes
Juliet Mallett
I am a year 3/4 teacher and this website is an absolute goldmine of resources.Thank you so much,I will be recommending it to all my collegues!My class are going to really enjoy these new ways to learn.
This is a cool website.I am not a teacher but a ten year old child.I use this for my club at school.
Thank you! What a fab site. Plenty of resources which you can adapted for a wide range of children and abilities. A good quick site if you are short of time which many people are who work in schools like i do. Thank you again!!!!!!!! :-)X
A very useful website Thankyou.
i have never been on this before seen teachers use this but nver been on it quite a cool website and my mum has gone crazy with me because of finding the certifacated cool
I love this website so much. It saves so much of my time which I could have use it on my children!
Thank you! Thank you! Ther are some brilliant redources on this site. Could I ask for worries male to be added to the thought bubble page please.
where is your icosahedron
Mrs Adele Atkinson
I have found this an excellent site to use and the free printable downloads have been a God send for a quick activity. It has saved me hours of work devising my own worksheets. Thank you very much.
I have used your resources many many times as an sen teacher. Thank you so much for your ideas.
Julie Simpson
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! What a wonderful site. I am so pleased to have discovered you. Thank you so much for these invaluable resources.
i am student doing a degree in special needs. i am designing an individual learning programme for a child with ADHD this website is fantastic and it really helped me.
Hi. Sorry for my english. Happy New Year!!!!! Good Luck!
Excellent resources and saves so much time. Recommending this site to many of my colleagues. Thanks
this website is a great website and the children i teach love the awards

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