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need more shapes
thanking you very much as a home educator your site is worth its weight in gold
Sally Murphy
WOW!!Will definately pass this on...
What a great tool that you've put together and shared for us all to use, it helps sooooo very much, and so user friendly. This type of resource is VERY helpful, I WILL SHARE WITH OTHERS!!!!!
RCA. in Armagh
Very useful ideas! Thank you.
fantastic thanks alot
Fantastic resources - Thanks!
Sophia Hague
I Love what you do, your certificate webpage is so thoughtful. When my website is up I shall feature you freely and pass info on about you. thank you Sophia Facebook: Sophia Hague twitter: bellaforkids
this is a very good site, great job, A+! (But i agree with Julie Newnham {bellow me}, the elephant pic should be removed)
In regards to comment about elephant picture: just choose a different picture - there are many to choose from!
Julie Newnham
I think this is a fantastic site and I would like to further promote your website to language teachers, however I am most disturbed with the picture you have posted for 'Elephant' in the flashcards. Please change the picture as it is not appropriate!!! Once changed I will then be happy to promote your website to teachers across Victoria, Australia. Thank you
Happy User :)
Thanks for having this website as i could print out certs for my teachers for teachers day!!!! oh its soooooo convienient i LOVE it! Well put together very SMART!!!!!!!!
Edinburgh SEN teacher
Thank you for such an excellent website with a great range of differentiated resources. Any time I need inspiration / motivation, you always come up trumps!! Have recommended you to all my colleagues!
these resources are great, thank you!
Oh Thank you so much for this website. I have Just started work as a Support For Learning Teacher having converted from music teaching...and had been feeling very unsure of resources etc but having spent a little while looking at this site I feel full of ideas and all ready to go! It really is so useful.
This is a fantastic site. Its brilliant that the resources can be adapted so easily. Thank you
Thankyou for providing excellent resources. Much appreciated.
This website is great and should be more free websites like this! Thank you!!
First visit to this site and find it to be very educational and useful.I am working with special needs students so a site like this is a powerful resource.Like other postings before me. Wish I visited here before.Great job!!!
ASD Program Teacher
Thank you so much for creating this site and keeping it free. I work with my students on fine motor activities and other basic skills on a daily basis. This site helps give my students the practice they need without breaking our already small budget. Thanks again!!!!
the year fives love there new certificates and really exited about even new ones this i sthe type of website people should use!!
Rebekah Bates
i think this a really good site to go on and make certificates for the kids
Very intelligent and the most amazing site I have ever come across which I have always been wanting to! I feel lucky to find this site thru' search engine. Everything that our kids need to know is put together in this wonderful site! Each and everyone who worked hard behind the screen to make this brilliant site really deserves A BIG APPLAUSE. "GOOD JOB".
this really great website i have finished my SEN teacher certification wish i would have known this ealrier i would have more marks in my certification , this really an asset to the SEN teachers.GREAT WORK ....SEN teacher from India
EC Teacher-self-contained
I am preparing for my first year of teaching after working in the school system for 5 years as an assistant. I have never come across this site before and wish I had! I absolutely love all of the content and it is wonderful not to have to pay for it! Funds are limited and every little bit helps! I am saving this to my favorites for sure! Thanks so much for all of your hard work and dedication to special needs! We need all the support we can get!!
I am just preparing resources for a Year 1 class in September. This site is fantastic - a real time-saver. It's great that you can adapt so many of the resources to suit the needs of the learner.
very good
I work with Dislexic kids in Bulgaria and there is very difficult to find picture or any working materials for cirilic languages. I addapt all the materials and some teaching techniques for my bulgarian speaking only kids and I find them very helpful, useful and fun creating. Kids are having fun and improving the same time. Thank you for sharing this knowlege with us in favore of all SEN kids. Keep doing it and I will help in case Cirilics are needed. Regards.
Louise Haigh
Just wanted to say thanks for such a valuable site and all the hard work that must go into it. Thank you.
Excellent and very helpful and useful site, thank you very much for sharing. Well done and keep up the good work xx

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