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Dr. Francisco Dalapo
Thank you for your generosity. Your site is very useful to all teachers and students as well. Keep up. More Power!
What a treasure of printables. I have turned on my fellow co-workers onto this site and they also love it. Thanks so much for this fantasic website. I work with individuals with mental retardation and these worksheets help them and well as myself. Thank you again.
Love your site Have used it before to download certificates--- Can't get them any more ---Have you taken them off ? Thanks!!!
Thank you soo much for a wonderful site - it has been a lifesaver time and again!
The handwriting sheets are a potentially fabulous resource. It's a shame that the dotted font is not available with guidelines. This is the only font that has the f with a 'tail' as is taught in our schools. Any way of changing this?
I just printed your shapes to make into homemade dice for my classes. I've been looking for something like this for a long time now. I's perfect! Thank you
Thank you teaching made easy
Such a wonderful site ! Thank you very much indeed ....
hi, wonderful website, great for game progects, and lots more thankyou!
Wonderful. Spectacular. Magnificent. Great. Good. Amazing. All of the words you can find in a thesaurus when you search up the word wonderful should be posted up here!
this is great thank you
Great site with lots of resources. Is there any way you could possibly add a word scramble or word search to this site?
This is great. We had to do a 3D shape net for school and this was quick and easy to use!
this is great thankyou
Thank you thank you thank you from California!
Angela Bannister
Great resource very quick and easy to use! When time is at a premium these days.
Brilliant Resources Thank you
Love the website. Lots of great worksheets. Just FYI on your web links page - it is Down syndrome and not Down's syndrome.

Thanks for the comment, although both spellings are acceptable, here in the UK the convention tends to be Down's Syndrome.
Thankyou for ths site. Very useful indeed.. :-)
Sylvia Cartwright
I am a retired Dyslexia teacher and when I was teaching used your site for many years as you have the most useful printables for Dyslexics. I am now looking for materials in Welsh. Would it be possible for you to add Welsh to your list of languages as their are very few resources on the web or in print for that matter. Although Wales is a small country most of the primary school are now teaching through the medium of Welsh. It would be great if you could help paticuarly Key Stage 1 & 2 literacy. Thank you for reading this.
Love this place! It rocks! Just what I was looking for. Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. I shall be introducing this site to everyone.
I love the 3d nets i used alll of them wooooooo
I simply love this site! Wonderful. I think this is about the 10th time i've visited here! By the way, happy Remembrance Day to all!
Carolina Ospina
This is the best website I have seen for printables, everything is clear, great flash cards!
Thank you! this is a very useful site!
what a fantastic site ive shown it to everyone
Thanks you for the alphabet cards but penguin has been wrongly spelt. Any chance of changing it?

Its been there for 3 years too! Corrected now. Thanks.
How wonderful this website is. I simply love it. Many, MANY thanks to you! I visit this website every week. The worksheets are great for all ages, and some also give challenges! I also love the nets on here. They give challenges. I took an hour or more just to make a dodecahedron!
I have just came on Sen Teacher again. It's so great, I can't stop coming! I love the printables that you can print off. They are very helpful. My students also find nets for their math, and they simply love them. I will come back very, VERY soon, and so will my students!

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