i like this website alot and i have being going on this website for months to teach my pupils




Just stumbled across this website and it is fantastic. I will be recommending it to my colleagues tomorrow!


Great site, thanks! Hogarth Kingeekuk Sr. Memorial School Savoonga, Alaska Bering Strait School District


This is a great website that I have used many times in the past. However, for some reason, I can't now print off cards. They either don't fit onto the page, or they come out in a completely different format from how they appear on screen. Can someone please advise? Is it my computer/printer, or a problem with the website?

Nothing has changed at this end, no other reports as yet. There have been a lot of updates to Flash player recently though which might throw up new issues. Could you try printing to PDF and see if you have the same problem. The pages printed here should scale to fill whatever paper size is used and so should print to Letter, A4, A3 sizes etc automatically. If problems continue can you email with details of your printer etc and I will follow it up with you directly. Thanks.


This is very nice website. It's really helpful. Thanks a lot.

Dilcia Quayle

I am from Panama Rep. of Panama and I find this site very useful for us teachers. Thanks for the oportunity of having free printables that can help us in our classes.


Im a 6th grade student and my math class is doing a solid figure mobile. I lost the packet she gave us that had all the nets in them. So I used this senteachers to get almost all the shapes. The only one I didnt get was a icosahedron net!


Greetings to the lovely people at SEN Teacher, Thank you for providing these wonderful resources. They are quite helpful, and our sons enjoy them.

Daniel Alcock

This is an absolutely amazing website. Soooooo helpful and easy to use. I am just blown away


Wonderful resources! Thank you!


i love this website i always print pictures and those marvoulous certificates

Mrs. LaDonna

I love this website. I use it for my daycare kids. This is great. Thank you sooo much! What a big help. Good graphics, good information. Again, thanks.

Michael Faraday School

Great resources


Good Site But Can I save The Certificates too.


I would just like to say how delighted I am with the new PECS maker available. It is a wonderful resourse to have. Thank you!


I needed 3D nets. I found spectacular ones on your site. Thank you. I love the labels and worksheets as well. Thank you for making my busy life a little easier.

A Teacher

Hello - a great site, I'm using it with my students. Is there any way to save the worksheets made please?

The easiest way is to print them as PDF documents - if you don't have a PDF printer already, try Cute PDF its free for non-commerical use.


very good site.......

Christina Garza- Mission, TX. USA

I love your site! It is awesome! You have free advertising with me for sure!


I needed a quick Bear Cub Scout Denner Appreciation Certificate and couldn't find a thing until I got to your web site. Wonderful service. Thank you so very much!


I think your materials are fantastic and I use them ALL the time! I would love it if you could add word searches to the printables page. It would be great if you could type in a list of the words you wanted and you did the rest! Making word searches for my dyslexia teaching takes me ages! Also it would be great if you could add blends to your letter mash and not just single letters and finally sentence making cards. Please, Please, Please.

Just added a Word Search tool, hope its useful!


Hi I really love your materials and the money sheets are wonderful. However would it be possible to add euro coins please


i like it but i cant find how to make a clock and a perfect circle


My daughter did an activity at school today and enjoyed it so much that she memorised the web site mentioned on the work sheet and wanted to do more work when she got home! - this is the website. Great, thank you


An excellent Resource - hope it keeps going and growing.Thanks.


Thanks for a great sight.This has been super for my porfolio.


Wow...I stumbled on to this site, but I'll be sure to know where to find it again....great aids to help my students learn...especially the ones who are struggling...easy to make and then use flash cards for reinforcement both at school and home Thanks!!!


Great site and some really fantastic printables.


Thank you for this it really helps

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