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I just discovered this site. Fantastic!
this is my first year doing sen work and this site is fab so thank you very much for all the resources!!!!!!
Thanks for let me get worksheets and thank you for do this page. Is helpfuul to me how teacher. thanks again.
Please add hexagonal pyramid to 'Printables'. :)


Added one this evening.
This website has been really really helpful Thankyou
Ann McCann
I never thought i would find a really good certificate site Thankyou.
Fantastic site - so many resources which I am now using regularly! Thank you
THIS IS AN AMAZING SITE!!! Thank you soo much for making it freely available, the adaptable certificate function is sooo easy with sooo many choices, and that's only the beginning. Sorry to be all gushy! But my goodness - its awesome!
Doreen G
Am a tutor working in college with student Teaching Assistants and they have been really inspired by the range of downloads available and have found the links to quality information really useful. Thank you.
Elise Bruce
tux paint is fabulous
this is a fantastic site thank u very much saved a lot of time looking else were
This site is outstanding. I am an educational math consultant, and I will be sharing this website with groups of teachers throughout the USA!
This is a fantastic website. I work at a pre-school and the pre-writing skill worksheets are popular with both children and parents.
Donna Thompson
fab site this was very useful in my first year working with young people who have EBD.
Love the site
Arti TA
I was looking for some alphabet prints and BINGO I found this site. Thank you SO MUCH for making our live easier!!!
It's really time saving. Thank you. How to save the printable that made by myself?
Anthony Hardwicke
I'd like to produce some similar applets to your Skeleton Labelling activity, to use in a Virtual Learning Environment. What software did you use to produce it?


It was done in Flash 4 - about 9 years ago!
Hey I love this website!
Juliet C
WOW.My twin nieces are really struggling to write and have a nasty Grade one teacher,so this resource is amazing. Thank you
thank you so very much!!!!! great website.... just sent the link out to the entire staff
This is site is wonderful. Full of very useful resources at your fingertips. Unfortunately the 'Cracker Jack Wheels' sums are wrong so check before you print and use!


Thanks for your feedback...although the idea with the crackerjack wheel is that you need to keep turning it until all the answers revealed are correct - there's only one such position for each wheel which is shown on the top-right of page.
Miss Chavda
great website! so easy to use and easy to print everything!
This is a great site!!
Ms Anna
Great website!!I've got a presentation to do about dyslexia and the site has helped me massively. And not only that!!I will use some of the ideas to my dyslexic students
This is a wonderful site!!!!
Im a tutor and i find this site brilliant, especially with my students who are the ages of 16 to 18
Absolutely fantastic printables. Thank you.
Thank you for the free printables. I will use them in my fourth grade class tomorrow.
Paul Whitley
your quick certificate maker is an excellent resource that i use every week. I notice however you have removed the only image that relates to ethnic race equality. I think it would enhance an already great resource to include images fostering gender and race equality and diversity in this resource.

Hi Paul,
I've had quite a lot of requests for less childish imagery, so have replaced much of the clipart including children with more generic images like medals, rosettes and suchlike. I've also made it possible to add your own images to the certifcates rather than having to rely on the small selection provided. Uploading of bitmap images (jpeg, bmp etc) and more typical clipart images (wmf, svg etc) is supported.

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