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this is the best any one could possibly do to show humanity to our brothers and sisters who are in one way or another challenged. kudos.
Madison Osborne
I love this website and I can use it almost every day
Nina Jackson
An amazing site full of superb articles, links, definitions etc. Very well structured and an essential site for ANY school,teacher, as well as parents. Thank you.
Tracy Baron
As a careers worker in a local college working with group of SEN students 19-25yrs I have found this website very supportive & well structured. I was able to navigate quickly & find what i needed in a very short space of time. THANK YOU.
Jemimah Asinwo
This website is brilliant!!!!!! I love it. I use it for every occasion
paul clay
I must confess, this is a great work.I am rating this web number 1.
hetal desai
great site great efforts god bless you
La Tanya
This website is great! There are so many different tools to choose from and I became so excited over each one. This site took a lot of hard work and great effort....thanks so much.
love this site...its so good..:-p
great site thanks
Ashley tisdale
I love this website I go on it so much!
this is a great website it as everything i needed thanks.
Special Ed Teacher
What a fantastic site. Good ideas and great worksheets for so many levels. Thank you. BTW: The skeleton's femur is labelled 'cranium'. 8-)

Thanks for this - the mistake is now corrected!
JoAnna Valentine
This is by far the very best website I have found to support teachers.......really wow! Thanks so much. I am a teacher of 26 years.....22 years with pre-k special ed and the last 4 with adult learners with disabilities.
Mrs. S
Excellent ideas, a very friendly site, adaptable, love it
This was the best site to make certificates for my grandsons class graduation from Pre-school. What a way to keep the excitement up for their first day of school. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.
Mrs. B
Thank-you so much for your website!!!!!!!!! I needed new ideas and you opened a whole new door for me :-)
This is one of the most comprehensive teacher friendly sites I have come across. I love the fact I can create my own worksheets and activities depending on the needs of my students. Keep up the great work.
I love your arimethic maker... so useful for addition and subtraction worksheets! Any chance you could do a multiplication and division one? Oprions for single digits, 2 digit by 1 digit and 2 by 2 digit would be sooooo useful.
These are great resources congratulation it is a great site
student in a school
my teacher told me about this site in school and our class (24 kids) made all of the shapes.
Sharon B
We are non profit therapeutic care program serving infants through aging adults. Would it be appropriate for us to use the downloadable software and printables for our program?

Yes - everything from SEN Teacher is licensed under Creative Commons, basically you are free to do anything you like with it except sell it. If you click the grey CC icon at the base of the pages, there is a formal license to this effect.
I love this website! I am a special ed teacher and could/will use these great tools/printables.
Your web site is wonderful! It is nice to find a site that wants the best for children. I will share this site with others.I will be using many of your printables in my classroom.
when i first found this website i was so amazed at the things it does and now i can use if for school the kids love it and so do i.I also tell the chidren if they keep up the good work they will get something for a reward.I also love the worksheets to very well done
Love this site. I'll be sharing this information at workshops this summer. Kudos to you all. Thanks for a job very well done.
nita nichols
Thank you for this wonderful recourse, creating resources can be so time consuming and you have made it so much easier enabling me to have time for other aspects of my teaching and home life
very nice and help full link....

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