Very very very helpful. Am new to teaching learning deficiency ESL adults. Your free printables are just what I've been looking for. Thanks a lot. Great job!


Great and thank you from Spain.

Rhona Wishart

Oh at last, i've found a website that offers me free quality printables to help my 4 year old autistic Grandson. I love the resources. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. Brilliant site.


what a great site! wish i have found it long ago!

Ethan Rozanic



hi, i would like to ask permission to print the nets of 3D models for my class project...it would be of great help for them to visualize the concept of solids and its nets... thank you so much. glad to hear from u soon.




I am just going back into being a teaching assistant, and this site has been upgraded, well done it is a wonderful informative site with so many resources and helpful links.Thank you.


This is such a wonderful site, thank you! I use it for help with ideas for younger children as well as older children who need support. As a supply teacher it means I always have a good selection of levelled work or games and activities in my briefcase.


I am a homeschooling mother of two special needs children and I have found this site really useful. I keep finding myself coming back and using it for everything that we do.


first time used the site, its very god and will use again 10/10 THANK YOU


Wonderful site.


I love your site, but when I try to print out the handwriting sheets, the actual print-out is tiny. The entire page includes the SEN teacher logo and in the center is a tiny copy of the actual handwriting spirals, or mounds etc... Thanks for posting any help. What am I doing wrong? Other people at my school are having the same problem.

Please make sure you use the purple print button within the page to do the printing, rather than trying to print with the browser button.

Rob Miller

I liked your site

Anne Marie

Your website is brilliant!


Excellent site!!! Wish I have found it long ago


Love your website. I am a teaching assistant and have a particularily difficult group of year 2 children with varying learning difficulties. Your worksheets are colourful and straightforward to use. Thankyou.

Anne Shedden

today, 17th September, the printable certificates were not working properly. With regard to the text we were entering, capital letters would not print, the letter y would not print, numbers would not print. Please can you advise when this fault has been rectified.

Can you drop me a line and let me know which font choice was causing this problem for you. Thanks.


I LOVE THIS SITE!!! Thank you


This site is so fantastic :) Its great to find age appropriate resources !! and they are free !!!!!!!!!!!!Keep up the awesome work :)


Your website is a true touch of genius!! Excellent resources and ideas (",)

Karen Dickson

Thank you so much. I have made wordsearches for my class using my core vocabulary. Wonderful for my more able children. I have also made phonic spinners for my less able pupils.What a fabulous site for teachers !!!!

Pam Nelson

These were some of the most helpful and customizable charts that I have found. Thanks for making them free!


Thankyou so much - absolutely excellent certificate printer.


I've just joined a secondary school with a very high proportion of special needs pupils. I am delighted to find your site! Could someone point me in the direction of starter exercises for Year 9 English with a diversity of special needs?


excellent site. my sen students LOVED the certificates!!


What a brilliant site! I love the handwriting app. Could you please add sassoon to it - it has the odd 'f' with a tail - it's there in the dotted font, but not there for normal practice. Keep up the good work - you're a life saver!




Some websites make me think, "this site is in keeping with the original spirit of the internet" - and this is one of those sites.


Hi there, I am about to enter my final year as an SLT student and am beginning to brainstorm ideas for my final year project (equivalent to a dissertation). I am considering developing a training package for NQTs in how to adapt the communication for children with a statement of speech/language/communication needs. As part of the literature review, I need to look at documents which might include figures of how many children are estimated to have such needs in mainstream primary/secondary schools, as well as how much experience an NQT is required to have with SEN (in my institution, I am aware that student primary teachers only have one term based around SEN). If anyone has any suggestions where I can find such information, please contact me :) Also, feel free to suggest what you found helpful as an NQT in an SEN setting/felt that you required more support with :) thankyou!

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