Pete Judge

Use the site all the time and consider it one of the best around. A really excellent set of resources. Many thanks.


Excellent resource for 3d nets of shapes. Just what we needed!! Thanks

Sandra Nowotny

Thank you!

Margaret Thorpe

Fab site, my life line , quality options. Would dearly love to see an option in maths to create flachcards of numbers 1-15 at least of dots in dice format and others, eg 10 as 5&5 as on 2 die AND as 2 rows of 5. Fingers crossed. Keep up the good work!

Ms T

Stumbled upon your resources whilst looking for a domino game I could customise with shapes. I have printed lots! Even the dodecahedron to keep the mad teenager busy and perhaps forget she wants gig tickets! However, the kids will have colourful profesional looking sheets on monday instead of Miss's cobbled together in a hurry stuff. My ATA will be directed to make a list of everything we want and the admin staff will get busy. Right, onset and rime...


What a gold mine of resources! Thank you for providing the site free to the public! It's a wonderland of support for the classroom. I plan to share it with my teaching partners upon my return to class.


Thank you so much for your nets - they saved me lots of time ! They are clear , simple and just the right size . Thank you again !

Miss Wolly

This is such a great resourse for my class! Thanks for all the help!

Miss Barnes

resources here are excellent and really help the child i support. thank you very much! LOVE IT!!! xx

Miss Mary

Thank you! This is my first time to the site looks verygood and it is very informative looking forward to enjoying a new found friend for the children who will benefit from this site. Again thank you so much it was needed.


Thank you! Your resources are easily modifiable and I can quickly prepare lessons for various student levels. Love it!

Miss Colleen

Where have you been! This is a totally awesome site. Thank you for the time that you have put in to it. You are really helping by allowing us this site for free. My children have really benifitted. I love being able to print a word and find wonderful pictures to match.

Miss Glenda

Great practical and are doing a great service to those who work with special needs students (and others as well) and are always in search of "whatever works..use it"..glad I found this site.Keep up the great're providing a great benefit to humanity.


Thank you so much. This website really helped with preparing pre-writing activities for my young ones.

fabrice urbaniak

Congratulations for your incredible work! I was amazed by your english learning software!


What a fantastic site. I love the way you can create the printables to suit your own needs.


can you get the faces off the cube?

You can print blank cubes with the Nets/3D shape printable...


I like this web site for your certificates


I was directed to this site from the TES. What a great find. Thank you SEN Teacher.


I like this web site for your certificates and I will be using them for my business.


I have tried for several days and I can't access the word search generator or word mash as I have done in the past although I printed out the connective tiles easily. Please help


use the site loads, great resources,help and links. can you point me in the direction though on resources ton teach a child with attixia.

H Begum

I have only just discovered this site and I think it is absolutely brilliant! Some of these resources are excatly the sort of things I need, in particular for my ASD pupils who rely largely on visual stimuli. Thankyou for the resources. I cant wait to try them out! :)


Such a great site that I have been using for at least two year! It has reduced stress from the many endless tasks of teaching! I have been printing certificates for my elementary school classes. At one time there was an image of an African American boy ascending the the pile of books; he's no longer there. In fact among the approximately 20 images, there are no African American images that I can use for my predominantly African American school. I wonder what's happening here.

Many images were swapped for more age-appropriate clipart and a facility to upload your own images and clipart was added.


super site with so many helful resources. thankyou this will enhance my pupils progress so much.


This site is amazing. I found this site today and it will help me use great resources for the students I will be teaching. I am about to graduate from college and this site will be amazing to use in the future! Thanks so much!


This is a really good website and it is really quick and easy x


Thank you so much for this amazing resource! I have used your site for years, both at home with my multiply-disabled child and as a special ed teacher in the classroom. The customizable printables are such an incredible help and time saver. Thank you!!!


This is a wonderful site but like Jacqui, after the site was upgraded recently I noticed a word missing from the wordsearch each each time I created one. I didn't realise this was the case, until one of my students pointed it out. Please could you try and sort this out as creating sheets becomes very time consuming.

Looking into this, thanks for letting me know.


I will soon be teaching time using clocks to a group of ESL students and this site is PERFECT for what I need! THANK YOU!!

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