A wonderful resource tool which I have introduced to all my colleagues. Thank you

Ms. Aiani

This is such a great resource for teachers! Easy to use and nothing to join! Thank you so very much!

Miss R Howells

great resource love it


Fantastic resources - brilliant that I can edit and customise for my pupils' needs. Well done!!!


Brilliant resource, thank you


I'm an SEN teacher in New Zealand. This is a fantastic resource that saves so much time. The dominoes games and word cards are great. Thanks.


fantastic, makes teaching life a lot easier ! thanks


I've been coming back to this site for several years when I need new ideas. A really great resource! Thanks


I work in an SEN school and this site provided invaluable resources, which are creative and save me loads of time! Thank you SEN Teacher and keep up the good work!


fantastic, makes teaching life a lot easier ! thanks




I am not a special need parent but I liked this site very much.


Thank you soooooooo much for such a wonderful site of teaching resources!! I love that I can create worksheets using my own words or numbers.


This website is a wonderful resource. I stumbled across it when I was looking for number squares. I love that you can create your own resources to match your child's needs. Well done.


I have used your site for many years . I miss the word cards I used to make for my spelling or vocab. words or for other subjects. Please bring it back.

They are still here in the literacy section, please see:
Word Cards


As a special needs parent, was concerned and wondered if any of the word search puzzles are ever proof read or anything?? My son and I unfortunately found a BAD word in the middle of one. Yikes!! Not very good homework if you ask me!!

Hi there, sorry for this. The padding on wordsearches is added randomly when you make one, just click create again and it will generate another sheet.


i love this site


Thank you for putting the time and effort into creating a great resource for FREE. I will definitely use it and share it with friends.


this site is so amazing, I just stumbled on it by accident and so glad I did Thankyou


Thank you for the great site. It has been very helpful.


I came across your site while looking for 100 charts and 1000 charts. It's a great site. I'm sharing it with my daughter. She is currently in college for Special Ed. certification.


My student teachers are going to love this site! Thankyou.


i love this!


FAB site! Love it. Use it lots! Thank you for making my life easier!




I think this site is wonderful. I wondered whether it would be possible to include 3 letters in the 'letter mash' worksheet. I am teaching 'igh' tomorrow and this would have been fantastic for the children. Many thanks


thanks this site has saved so much time!!


Hi I have just found this website and think these resources are going to be extremely useful for a little boy who has just joined my class. He is 7 but has never had the privilege of attending school. I also think it will be useful for my EAL children to help develop their vocabulary. Thank you.

Christina Willis

Thank you so much for making these resources available for free. I have a 6 year old son with a diagnosis of autism. So many of the websites w. special needs educational resources require a fee. I'll be sure to let his teacher know of your site also.

Mrs Y. McHale

This site has been a god send, used it many times and recommend it to all my friends.

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