Wonderful website. The 3D models are excellant!!


How do u draw a net for a heart based prism?:)

Emma Wright

Wonderful Website! Fantastic 3D Shape Nets!


fantastic site, has helped me work better with a group of people who have learning diabilities, we have a social enterprise and the money worksheets have been a god send, thanks.


Love your website!!! It is great!!! Thanks for what you have done!!!


This website has been my saving grace.


Love this website!!!


Looked at your site because I know a new pupil for September 2011 and I was curious to know more about you! Very impressed, a useful site. As a recently retired Director of Inclusion/Senco admittedly at a large secondary school in Suffolk it is very child and parent friendly - well done!


This is a wonderful and user friendly site for schools


sen teacher rocks!


This website is great!


Many many thanks. This website is fantastic. I found everything I needed.


Why can't I print anything from this site?

Its probably a problem with Flash. Try Google Chrome that's a browser that has Flash built-in and keeps it up to date automatically.

Lewis Telfer

your downloads dont work on school computers with out an administrator.

Hi, this is because Windows versions use an installer to create start menu entries etc. This also makes it easy to uninstall them later via the Windows control panel. Versions for Linux and OSX don't currently have an installer.


My SK daughter is learning about 3d shapes, I printed out the templates, and now along with drawing them - she will have models to bring in! Thanks! This is a great site! I'm bookmarking it for sure!


I work with a blind child and have just come across the Nets for prism on this site. Big and bold- perfect!


Didn't have what I want'd.

Sorry for this. Always happy to receive suggestions for new content, particularly if its a resource that fills a gap.


I made certificates for a school contest and put their pictures onto the certificates. It was so awesome. Thanks for a wonderful site. I use it so often and have shared it with many others.


This website absolutely ROCKS! Thankyou


Just to let you know that we are featuring your website as our 'website of the month' this month to all the schools that subscribe to the Learning Bulletin as we think it such a useful resource! Well done on some great materials, useful for ALL teachers, not just SEN.

Thankyou kindly!

Sharon Longino

This site is very helpful. Thank you so much.


I love this website its so cool

Annette L

Thank you for such a good site. It is very helpful to home schoolers.


A very good website. I agree though that the random time sheet generator is a bit annoying when the same times appear on the one sheet no matter how many times I try!

Will look at this next update....for the hours it should just be changing the order of display since there are only 12 questions.

Rikki Chadwick

really good and useful thanks :)

Miss JR



Thank you ! You've been great help for me . I have to prepare a demonstrative lesson and I found a lot of ideas and materials.

Nick Weiland

I love the many, many resources you provide. Thanks. You might want to include my agency: OCALI - Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence. Tons of resources for educators and families regarding autism, low-incidence disabilities and assistive technology. Check it out: OCALI

Marie A

What a great site. Loads of fantastic ideas. Such a help to a stressed out SEN teacher!


what a great site

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