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This is an absolutely fantastic site, as the mother of a homeschooled son who is dyslexic, the worksheets on here have helped no end in helping my sons reading and writing.
Great site!!! I wish there was a way to save the certificates after I edit them. So I can print at home to a color printer.

Coming Soon....
I feel like saying 'where have you been all my life?' I love your resources and teaching within a nurture setting, with a range of abilities, the worksheets are so accessible for all. Thank you.
This site is fantastic. I am a preservice teacher and its refreshing to have a site that doesn't make you pay for resoures
I normally love using your site- such lovely resouces! There seems to be a technical problem in the certificate page as it appears to be have missing letters on the actual certificate :(

Hi, thanks for this - the problem affects a couple of the font choices, it will be fixed soon!
willie oliphant
used your site for years . it's great! unfortunately now it will not print out the complete certificate. only the borders ! any ideas as to whats wrong ?

Hmm. This isn't an issue I've come across. Try upgrading your Flash player [or switching to Google's Chrome browser]
Aldo A. Pedreschi
Great Downloads and Links
Wow! What a great site. I'll DEFINITELY be coming back on here. It will save me so much time! :-)
Wow - what a great support site - it does what it says on the tin! I've already posted link to all my colleagues.
love it
Really good site! Now I can do certificates for who I want. Only thing is.... try to put some new different certificates. Other colors and frames. But, it is great! Thank you!

This printable is being updated at the moment - there will be a larger choice of images and the ability to save certificates in the new release
I just wanted to say that I work with a variety of children with various difficulties, I love the worksheets provided on this site - they are helpful and kept plain - something very important - too much on a page can frighten a child struggling to read, or who has visual perception problems! So thank you - I will definitely be sharing this site!
Wayne Phillips
Site is great, but do you have to have a photo of McDonald's products on your AAC meals card?
Sharon Page
Thank you for the free resources they will be very helpful
My daughter has had a look on this website and printed some pages off, It is useful for certificates but i wish there were some more! It is a very helpful website and i will be coming on again, Thanks!
I came across your page today while looking for some UK coins for an adults class I teach in Japan. From what I have seen of this site with your resources and links I would just like to say "Nice Work".
standin nan
Found you by chance very helpful website for teaching reluctant learner thank you
this is a fun website but i wish there was more certificates
IS teacher
Thank you for your website.
I was looking for a number square up to 200 for my daughter and was happy to find I could print so easily from your site. I have saved this to my favourites for future use! Thank you :)
This website helped me find the 3 dimensional shapes I needed!!!:)
Really helpful!
Sue Steele
Found you by chance - I am so pleased I did. Your aids will not only help me to help my son but he will have great fun using the resources to learn other ways of doing difficult things.
I was looking for free net patterns and came across your site... What a great resource site to stumble across. I teach ESL to adults with limited education(s), so will be visiting your site more often now I've found it! Many thanks, and cheers
I like it, found what I was looking for It is so easy Thank you
Great Website!
Thank you so much - really great service for myself as a trainee teacher.
I have just discovered this website and will recommend to colleagues in the special school where I am a governor. I also happen to recruit teaching and support staff for independent schools. If anyone reading this 'guestbook' would be interested in a fantastic opportunity to join a new school in London for children with MLD, either as a KS1 Teacher or TA, please contact me. The posts would suit someone in the early years of their career who has enjoyed mainstream but wants to develop skills in special education. Fabulous resources and professional support on site. A unique chance to help shape the future!
Sharon P
I use this site constantly to make up fun activities for my students homework. Quick and easy to use and fabulous as I can input my students words in the literacy section and have a quick find-a-word as easy as that! Feel free to add more activities any time :)
Fabulous site-why haven't I come across it sooner? Thank you!

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