Literacy Printables

Similar Printables Grouped Together

Word & Picture Cards

Create and share picture word cards

Onset & Rime Tiles

Onset and rime cards in a range of styles and sizes

Handwriting Patterns

Large range of penmanship tracing patterns.

Quick Handwriting

Quickly create simple handwriting sheets with guide fonts

Hieroglyphs Key

Simple Egyptian hieroglyphics to English sounds key

Skeleton Labels

Label the bones of a skeleton - various levels

Wordsearch Maker

Create style and customise your own wordsearches

Flash Cards

Create and customise flash cards from word lists

Word Bingo

Create word bingo games from a large library of word lists

Word Scrambler

Generate anagram worksheets from wordlists

Follow Me Words

Follow Me cards from word lists

Graffiti Word Wall

Create colourful graffiti word list walls

Picture Bingo

Create word and picture bingo games from card lists

Word Spinners

Create colourful spinners from word lists.

Word Shapes

Generate letter shape blocks from word lists

Letter Mash

Create scanning mash-ups with letters and fragments