Wordsearch Maker

About Wordsearch Maker

Create wordsearches from your own words or using a large library of teacher created lists.

You can customise grid size, colour, layout direction and several other options.

  • Font is used to select the typeface and Colours to set the text colour schemes.
  • Words opens the menu which allows you to choose, edit or create the word list used
  • Direction sets the orientations used to layout words
  • Padding chooses the characters or symbols used to fill out the wordsearch
  • Size sets the overall size of grid used
  • Randomise creates a new random layout with the same settings

A wide range of fonts are supported - where symbols like sign language or hieroglyphs are used, target words are provided using standard text.

Tick the 'fill to max' box to stuff in as many words as possible - otherwise around 80% of the grid will be filled if there are sufficient words in the list.

If you create a useful word list or correct some mistakes please share your changes with other site users. All lists are moderated before appearing.

Please use the vote buttons when browsing word lists to improve popularity sorting.

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