Literacy Printables

Print Tool: Flash Cards

Flash Cards

Create and customise flash cards from word lists

Print Tool: Follow Me Words

Follow Me Words

Follow Me cards from word lists

Print Tool: Graffiti Word Wall

Graffiti Word Wall

Create colourful graffiti word list walls

Print Tool: Handwriting Patterns

Handwriting Patterns

Large range of penmanship tracing patterns.

Print Tool: Hieroglyphs Key

Hieroglyphs Key

Simple Egyptian hieroglyphics to English sounds key

Print Tool: Letter Mash

Letter Mash

Create scanning mash-ups with letters and fragments

Print Tool: Onset & Rime Tiles

Onset & Rime Tiles

Onset and rime cards in a range of styles and sizes

Print Tool: Picture Bingo

Picture Bingo

Create word and picture bingo games from card lists

Print Tool: Quick Handwriting

Quick Handwriting

Quickly create simple handwriting sheets with guide fonts

Print Tool: Skeleton Labels

Skeleton Labels

Label the bones of a skeleton - various levels

Print Tool: Word & Picture Cards

Word & Picture Cards

Create and share picture word cards

Print Tool: Word Bingo

Word Bingo

Create word bingo games from a large library of word lists

Print Tool: Word Scrambler

Word Scrambler

Generate anagram worksheets from wordlists

Print Tool: Word Shapes

Word Shapes

Generate letter shape blocks from word lists

Print Tool: Word Spinners

Word Spinners

Create colourful spinners from word lists.

Print Tool: Wordsearch Maker

Wordsearch Maker

Create style and customise your own wordsearches