Word Bingo

About Word Bingo

Randomly generate bingo and lotto games from word lists. A selection of lotto and bingo cards of various sizes are provided including cards with blanks and free squares. Word lists are randomly sorted and abridged if necessary each time a new set of cards is created.

  • Word Lists opens the word list tool allowing you to browse, edit and search for word lists.
  • Use Create New Word List to quickly create a new word list and game.
  • Format chooses the grid size and layout of bingo cards.
  • Size sets the overall size of cards on the printed page.
  • Font selects the typeface to use on the cards
  • Colour sets the colour used for text on the cards
  • Randomise remixes the word list and redraws the cards.
  • Players sets the number of cards to create.

The number of calls is adjusted depending on the card format chosen and players required. Shorter word lists may only provide enough potential calls for the smaller card formats or larger formats with fewer players. No more than 100 calls will be used in total.

The Caller Sheet contains only the calls used on the cards.

For best results use High Quality when creating cards which are very small and Medium Quality when sets require more than 20 pages.

A selected of pre-made high quality sheets are also provided in Quick Downloads above.

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