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Dolly Tan
Absolutely great resource for teachers in special needs education in a developing country where resources are limited!
informative site!! please feel free to come and put your feet up at ours too
Maria Virtue
What a brilliant sight.Thank you.I shall spread the word amongst my colleagues.
Thank You, Thank You, I LOVE this site.
This site is really cool, its helped my sis and bro a lot. This is the best educational website eva.
I love this site. It has excellent resources for a wide range of ages. Will pass on.
Roger Gilmour
Nice site.
Mary Diesel
Thank you. How neat.
This sight will be a great resorce for me, teaching adults with learning difficulties. thanks.
Great site
Denise Mumma
I am having difficulty downloading anything from the site. I'm a G3 Mac user. Any thoughts?
sallie polkinghorn
Very useful site. I'm training to be a Learning Support Assistant and I'll certainly tell the class about this site! Thank you
Amanda Case, D.O.
This is a wonderful site for educators and parents. Thank you
Martine Swerdling
A friend of mine told me to check out this wonderful site. It's beautiful and I will use it for my student teaching in the near future.
karen jennings
thank you useful!
Sylvia Cartwright
Excellent resouces for some MLD pupils I teach.
Great site. Very well done!!!
Maria Fatima Rodriguez
I'm new in the special education field.I would like to teach children with mental retardation.This site helps me a lot in my quest for knowledge! Keep Up!
Lynn Andres
I teach adults with severe and multiple disabilities. This site is a fantastic resource. Thank you!
Thank you!! This will be a great help for my autistic son :) Very well done!!!
What a wonderful site!!! I have recommended it to many other people and they all agree and the ideas are fantastic. Nice to see that there are still some excellent free sites out there!!! Thankyou!
Simon Evans
Mandy Ricketts
Great site - have passed it on to colleagues. Thank you for giving me some great ideas.
David Downing
Congratulations on a great site... I now use your site often and have refered it to a number of the staff with whom I work.
Charlie Gerancher
I am a recent visitor to this site. It looks like a great resource however. I have passed it on to our special education staff. Thanks for a great site!
Joanne Barry
Good links for teachers of students with Autism.
mrs peel
what a fantastic resource page, very impressed, thanks
Dorinda Oakes
We love your printables I will spread the word.
Wendy Stevens
I use the above home page and have found many useful links. I also use the home page network off from I love the worksheets! Thanks so much. TTFN, Wendy

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