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A very useful site. I look foreward to using it with my pupils.
Joshua LeBeouf
Hello people :-)
bobby nixon
I was recommended to this site and thank you for making it so quick and easy to locate and print really good resources
A fantastic site with excellent easily printed worksheets. I teach a composite class of 7/8 year olds and some of the activities are spot on for them. Thank you so much. Keep up the hard work.
greory l. rochester
this is one of the best web sites for teachers/parents, that i've found on the web...thus far...thank you
Sue Hegg
Excellent website! The printables are so easy to modify to particular students.
Thanks. Found your printables very helpful. Look forward to seeing new items added.
Lorraine Hines
Thank you for a great site. I found your printables very useful and saved a lot of time.
nice site
Gina Schreivogel
This has been a very useful site for me. I'm homeschooling my 5 year odl daughter who is dyslexic (and hyper-active) plus my 4 year old granddaughter. This has been a very big blessing to me. I especially appreciate bing able to print my own flash cards since it is so difficult for my daughter to read phonetically, the cards help her to recognize words she sees in reading material. I like being able to choose which words to introduce. Thank you very, very much.
Teaching Treasures
Lovely site, I enjoyed browsing through all the info, thanks for the effort.
Julie Richardson
Great site, glad to come across it after a long day, keep up the good work
Great stuff!
Great site. Loads I can use
Brilliant! great art work, and so time saving. Thanks
Great site!! Thanks.
Julie Keers
Great site
Excellent site.
Sandi W.
This has a little bit of everything- I just wish you had more for older students. I am a home school teacher/parent and have finally gotten to the higher grades. It is hard to find some good, yet interesting subjects- anyone with info plz email me!!!
I love your printables! It's so easy. Thank you!
lesley and jacquie
excellent resources for our adults with learning difficulties.
Keep up the great work!
Excellent site. Keep up the good work
ann goggins
nice site
As a learning support assistant in a primary school in an poor area, I found yor website very helpful. Especially the printable pages. I am working with a year 6 group, who are very poor, your worksheets have been an enjoyment while learning. Thank you. Ros
Juliani binti Jaapar
Excellence! Keep it up! Thanks a lot on the making of the clock.
C Dixon
Thankyou. The card and fan makers save me loads of time. I'm grateful.
Phil Hoppenbrouwers
Excellent resources
adele henry
My son has been recently tested to reveal he has dyslexia. I am searching the internet for anything I can find that would be of some help for him.This website seems useful and informative. thanks Adele Henry
Tyler Puckett
Hi, You did a great job on your web page! Please visit the Puckett Family Homepage. Please sign in the Guest Book (It means a lot to me :) Happy New Year, Tyler Puckett

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