mrs kelly CSA

what a great site this is fantastic printouts for all ages easy to use

Ian White

I would just like to say what a FANTASTIC site I think you have and what a resource to SEN teachers, as well as classroom teachers. I wish there were more sites like this and am very glad I came across yours.

heather wilson

Really useful site with plenty of variation for different levels also useful for basic skills


An excellent site, so helpful - I think you are going to save me hours and hours of Sunday night preparation for SEN lessons. Thank you.


What a lovely site. I am a trainee teacher and always looking for resources that can be easily adapted for a wide range of children I teach during hectic school placements.


I LOVE your site! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful, useful materials! I teach an autistic support classroom and the resources on your page are so very helpful! Please visit my classroom website if you have a chance. :)

Laura T

This has been an invaluable resource for me and many of my colleagues! Thanks for all the time, energy and enthusiasm you've put into your site. What a treat to have found something so useful and still free!


Hi Am a newly started TEFL teacher working independantly. These printables are really useful for teaching english,saved me loads of time & lesson prep!

The REAL Viking

Congratulations, it´s very COOL website you have here, Glad to put my step on it, send you and your visitors my best greetings. And you are ALL " WELCOME " to visit my little website. Vous êtes bienvenu pour visiter mon website Usted es bienvenido visitar mi webpage Dé la bienvenida para visitar mi website.



D Cox - Administrator

A few of the parents gave me your web address. I must say, I was impressed with the freeware you offered. I also liked the letter fan printout. I hope to spend more time on your site in the near future.


Hi, I'm a researcher for Maverick TV. I'm currently working on a brand new teachers TV programme and I am looking for stories from teachers who have moved from mainstream teaching into special needs teaching. If there is anyone out there who is UK based it would be great to hear from you. Regards Eleanor Taylor

Glynda Gros

This is the best site I have seen. I love the fact that I can create for my students. The fan, the number grids, the clocks. Thank you. Wish you would do some US money pages. Glynda

Pat Davis

What a brilliant resource, especially the certificates. The letter fans have been very useful in teaching phonics.

Jane Darby

I think these must be some of the best presented tools on the internet. They are so useful as they are interacive and you can adjust them to your own needs. Many thanks!

De'Anna D.

Thanks for the great resources. Your clocks have made teaching time much easier!

Rhian Gibbings

Excellent resources! You have made my day!!


THANKS - what more can i say!

Pam Bashford

I will certainly encourage my PGCE students to use this excellent site.

Ian Charlesworth

Excellent pages, a great help when teaching basic skills.


Thank you, returning to teaching after a break has been a bit stressful, but discovering this website has really helped ease the pain!


Great work, thanks for sharing it! I particularly find the 'Quick card printer' really helpful, although it would be excellent if there were font options available too as this type of 'a' confuses some of my students! Keep up the good work - thanks again.


A very useful site. I look foreward to using it with my pupils.

Joshua LeBeouf

Hello people :-)

bobby nixon

I was recommended to this site and thank you for making it so quick and easy to locate and print really good resources


A fantastic site with excellent easily printed worksheets. I teach a composite class of 7/8 year olds and some of the activities are spot on for them. Thank you so much. Keep up the hard work.

greory l. rochester

this is one of the best web sites for teachers/parents, that i've found on the web...thus far...thank you

Sue Hegg

Excellent website! The printables are so easy to modify to particular students.


Thanks. Found your printables very helpful. Look forward to seeing new items added.

Lorraine Hines

Thank you for a great site. I found your printables very useful and saved a lot of time.

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