Mathematics Printables

Printables In Alphabetical Order

1st Step Maths

Add, total and subtract tokens within 10 with tracing cues

2D Shape Sheets

Simple shape and class identification sheets

2nd Step Maths

Total,add and subtract between 10 and 20 with tokens and cues

3D Model Nets

Print nets to create a range of 3D shapes

Clock Bingo

Generate random bingo & lotto games with clock faces

Clocks - Arithmetic

Random time arithmetic sheets with clock faces

Clocks - Large Poster

Print full page clocks with custom styles, times and labels

Clocks Pairs

Custom clock face matching pair cards

Coin Card Pairs

Paired coin cards for matching games

Coin Dominoes

Playable coin dominoes of several currencies

Coin Mash

Scan for and identify coins in a customisable mash-up

Coin Totals

Customise random visual coin addition problems

Coins Spinner

Game spinner with coins from US, UK, EU, Canada and Oz

Dice Maker

Create dice nets with your own numbering, words and letters

Draw Time

Draw the time on blank customisable clock faces

Follow Me Numbers

Create Follow Me games with numbers written as words

Follow Me Problems

Create Follow Me card games with arithmetic problems

Fraction Blocks

Generate random simple fraction shading worksheets

Game Cards

Number, token and shape cards for games and other activities.

Hundred Squares

Create 100 squares with custom styles and numbers

Large Print Maths 1

Generate large print add/sub problems at various levels

Large Print Maths 2

Generate arithmetic problems with one fixed value

Magic Square Maker

Generate partially completed magic squares

Maths Spinners

Create and customise spinners for maths activities.

Maze Maker

Random perfect mazes with various colour and complexities

Missing Links

Create short sequences with gaps

Multiplication Squares

Multiplication squares user defined axes, fonts and colours

Number Bingo

Bingo games with number and arithmetic problems

Number Cards

Create sequencing cards with various styles and sizes

Number Fans

Create customised number fans

Place Value Cards

Customisable set of place value partitioning cards

Shopping Maths

Calculate change in random shopping transactions

Squared Papers

Create and print a wide range of squared and tiled paper

Telling Time

Print clocks with varied styles and intervals

Texture Nets

Add textures and photos to nets for 3D shapes