Draw Time ⋆ Printable Worksheet

About Draw Time

Create blank clock faces and random target times at various intervals with a range of visual styles and other options.

Level selects the range of intervals and number of questions to create.

Clock Style opens a menu to choose a single clock style and font.

Use the Multipage button to create batches of sheets in a single go. You can create random variations on the current settings or generate random batches of sheets at different levels.

Use the switches to:

  • Show a model answer on the first clock
  • Show minute graduations on the clock dials
  • Use the 24hr clock for target times (digital time)
  • Show a written phrase instead of using digital time
  • Use random clock styles on the sheet

Notes on the wording used for times

Time written as text uses the British English convention which can be troublesome and is not consistent across all English dialects:

  • 3.35 and most other five minute multiples are spoken as 'twenty-five to four' (omitting the word minutes)
  • 3.34 and other minute intervals are spoken as 'twenty-six minutes to four' (including the word minutes)

While 'quarter to', 'half past' and 'quarter to' are the standard forms - these intervals, unlike other five minute multiples, are spoken including the 'minutes' ie as 'fifteen minutes past', 'thirty minutes past' and 'fifteen minutes to' when the long form is used to underline precision.

For EFL/ESL, ASD and other students with pragmatic language issues it's usually worth drilling these conventions as spoken rather than written questions - the tool above also prints pages of blank clocks for open-ended activities.

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