Eye Gaze Frames ⋆ Printable AAC Support

About Eye Gaze Frames

Quickly create paper based eye pointing frames and symbols blocks for plastic frames using words or symbols and photos. Two sets of blocks will be created - the reader's copy will be automatically reversed when full frames are created.

Use Frame Style to switch between several styles and layouts - examples are provided for each type. Use the tick box to toggle between creating full 2-page frames and just the blocks on their own.

Images can be added from several sources:

  • Photo Search searches Flickr and Pixabay for free to use photos images
  • Symbol Search searches the Mulberry, Arasaac and Tawasol free symbol libraries
  • Your Image selects an image from your computer or device

Privacy Note:

This printable is privacy safe for personal photographs. When you use your own image it is processed only using the web browser on your computer or device. Your photos are not uploaded to SEN Teacher.

Report issue or suggest improvements for this printable.

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