Quick AAC Photo Cards

Click the cards on the page to edit or delete them.

About Quick AAC Photo Cards

Quickly create picture communication cards from free to use image collections, symbol libraries or using your own images.

Click cards on the page to change the label or image. Use the tick box to toggle display of labels on the cards.

  • Use Font to choose the label typeface
  • Use Styles to select the card border and text colour
  • Use Size to choose the number of cards per page
  • Use Delete All Cards to start a new set of cards
  • Use Add Card to put a new card on the page

Images can be added from several sources:

  • Free Photo Search searches Flickr and Pixabay for free to use photos images
  • Symbol Search searches the Mulberry, Arasaac and Tawasol free symbol libraries
  • Use Your Own Image selects an image from your computer or device

Safe Search is enabled for Pixabay and Flickr photo searches. Use the Report Image link to flag inappropriate photos on Flickr and Pixabay or to provide positive and negative feedback to image creators.

Privacy Note:

This printable is privacy safe for personal photographs. When you use your own image it is processed only using the web browser on your computer or device. Your photos are not uploaded to SEN Teacher.

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