Quick Certificates

About Quick Certificates

Create, customise and print a wide range of colourful certificates and awards. Add your own images or choose from thousands of symbols and clipart images.

  • Font is used to select the typeface.
  • Text Colour provides a choice of styles for the text.
  • Edit Text also supports adding a short name list for batch printing of certificates.
  • Redraw will refresh the printable if a loading delay has prevented art from appearing.
  • Examples shows pre-made certificates to use as a starting point for customisation.
  • Photo Search locates Public Domain photos for the central image.
  • Symbol Search includes over 15,000 AAC symbols from the Mulberry and Arasaac libraries.
  • Clipart includes around 200 useful images in 11 categories.
  • Your Own Image adds a photo from your computer to the centre of the award.
  • Borders includes a range of formal and informal certificate border styles for all ages.

Use the High Quality option to greatly improve the appearance of certificates.

Printing the Sepia Ink or solid backgrounds is not recommended as ink/toner use will be very heavy.

Use the Download PDF option on the print preview page to create digital copies of certificates.

Privacy Note:

Certificate Maker is privacy safe for photographs!

Your own images are processed by the web browser on your computer or device. Images are not uploaded to SEN Teacher.

Clipart library includes some artwork from Graphics Factory

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