Macbeth Witches Screenshots

Desktop Version - Updated February 15th

Fixed broken link to OSX download! Updated desktop versions now include an optional dwell selection mode for eye gaze and head trackers.

iOS Version 2019

An iOS version is also available as a free app from the Apple App Store. iPad Notes and Privacy Policy .

Apple App Store

Sound Board Details

Sensory Sound Board - Macbeth's Witches is a multi-touch compatible and switch accessible app created to support sensory teaching for students with PMLD or complex learning needs. Sixteen simple sound boards with excerpts from Macbeth's 'Witches Scene', stormy weather effects and generally spooky noises are included.

Various layouts including single button and two button boards are included. A choice of jolly cartoon and creepier photographic images is provided to suit a varied age range from upper primary school age onward.

Boards support scanning and switches which send keypress, mouse clicks or screen taps. Options to simplify backgrounds, remove text labels and add audio effects to playback are also included.

This sound board was created with the PDMU Thematic Unit on Witches and Wizards in mind, but it is a useful resource for sensory work more generally where Macbeth, Halloween or storms and weather are a focus.

Desktop versions for Windows and OSX are free for non-commercial use including at home or in schools. On older computers reduce the display size to improve performance. The app does not require installation and will run from a thumbstick or a CD - though the latter will take longer to load!

iPad Privacy Policy and Usage Notes

The app does not access personal information on your iPad or track usage in any way.

Macbeth Witches