FreeVOCA Screenshots

Version 2.0 - Updated March 2016

Adds new boards and changes sound button behaviour to allow repeated triggering - previously buttons toggled sound on/off.

FreeVOCA is a simple AAC message board with pre-programmed communication boards for sound play, babble, chat and many other purposes. It is suitable for use as a fallback or secondary communication aid with children and people of all ages who have significant language and communication delays.

The software is not intended as a primary communication aid and does not support board editing or board creation. Options to show and hide boards by type are provided - this allows for some customisation and use in different contexts.

FreeVOCA has been released as a way of sharing boards created by teachers, parents and speech therapists during the PhotoVOCA project. More of the boards are being converted and will be added in future updates. Please contact us with any bug reports or if you have any particular board requests from the project.

Many of the boards use symbols and phrases from the fantastic Creative Commons ARASAAC communication library.

Windows and OSX versions support a range of access devices including multi-touch touchscreens and switch. Dwell detection is included for eye gaze, head tracking or click-free pointing device use.