OptiKey Screenshots

OptiKey is a free and Open Source eye-gaze software suite which provides both text-to-speech for communication and full access to the keyboard and mouse. It supports the new generation of cheap eye gaze devices such as those from Tobii Gaming .

The application is updated regularly and supports many languages - recent work includes support for symbol keyboards based on the CommuniKate project - opening up the application to non literate users and a much wider usergroup.

OptiKey will work with any eye tracker, mouse or access device which allows cursor control - including free head tracking mice which use standard webcams - see the related downloads at the base of this page.

OptiKey was recently forked to create Eye Mine from Special Effect which provides a fantastic way to play Minecraft using Eye Gaze devices.


  • Updated: 2018
  • Developer: Julius Sweetland
  • Site: OptiKey
  • License: GPL/LGPL
  • Control: Gesture, Pointer, Touch
  • Filesize: 25.4MB
  • Downloads: 4697
  • Windows Download