SEN Teacher Privacy Policy

SEN Teacher does not sell or otherwise distribute information gathered from logs and direct email contact. SEN Teacher does not knowingly link to or distribute spyware, malware or other software which compromises the privacy or security of its users.

All direct downloads from SEN Teacher have been scanned for malware using VirusTotal before upload. SEN Teacher's server also uses anti-virus and anti-malware software which scans all content continually.

SEN Teacher's guestbook and all user submitted content is human moderated to ensure personal information such as contact details are removed from entries and to avoid inappropriate content, spamming and advertising.

SEN Teacher does not use cookies to track users between visits - all SEN Teacher session content expires when you leave the site. Google services may use cookies depending on your browser settings and Google preferences. See below for more information.


SEN Teacher is moderated and maintained by Simon Evans

DBS information and employer references can be provided, subject to verifiable requests from organisations such as Educational ISPs, Local Education Authorities and School Districts.

ICRA & Safe Surf PICS tags are used throughout this site.

While intended as a site for educators and parents, SEN Teacher is sometimes used by children. As we do not collect personal data from any users - the site is 'COPPA Compliant' by default.

Google Services & Privacy Policy

SEN Teacher uses Google Analytics to provide anonymous visitor statistics, Google Translate for multi-language support and Google AdSense to show adverts which may be matched to your preferences. Specialist search tools make use of Google Search API.

Please see the Google Privacy Centre for further information or to change your Internet-wide privacy settings at Google.

Google's content filters are used ensure inappropriate adverts do not appear and Google Search API enforce Google's 'Safe Search' filtering.

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