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Mrs. B, 2nd June 2009

I love your site. I have used it several times to print out certificates for our Life Skills class.

Miss Flack, 1st June 2009

Fantastic site.I work as a SEN TA and use lots of your printables for my small group.

RAJENDRA PRASAD, 30th May 2009

wonderful creation... God bless you all!

Anonymous, 28th May 2009

Your site is exceptionally well organized. I appreciate your resources!

Ms. T, 27th May 2009

Thank you for the wonderful site, I use the printables for my ESL students in Japan and the special needs class teacher came to ask me for the worksheets so I recommended this site to her also.

Deirdre, 22nd May 2009

Wonderful site. Have just browsed in and shall be coming back. Many thanks for all the hard work

Ms. C, 19th May 2009

Hello. Your website is wonderful! I have been using it since fall of 2007 for my small groups. Having the manipulative cards helps my struggling readers improve and gives them a chance to practice skills with partners. This site gives me a chance to provide inexpensive reinforcement of skills. I hope that the site remains a free resource. Teachers and those who work with children really need it!!!

Deuce, 17th May 2009

In the Looping Game in the Split Mode, could the columns be expanded to accept more characters...then the template could be used for definitions and vocabulary?

Joyce, 13th May 2009

What a useful site. Thank you

Janet, 11th May 2009

In the printable net section you have a rhomboid net. Here you have all the sides of equal length. In wikipedia the definition is "In geometry, a rhomboid is a parallelogram in which adjacent sides are of unequal lengths and angles are oblique". Who is correct? Very useful website for South African Grade 5 maths!

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